Linaro Linux 3.0-2011.07

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Linaro Linux
Deepak Saxena
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download icon CHANGELOG-linux-linaro-3.0-2011.07-1 (md5) Linaro 11.07 Kernel Release 97
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Release notes 

The Linaro Kernel Working Group (KWG) is excited to announce the
availability our July 2011 development snapshot:


As the word "snapshot" implies, these are meant as development kernels
and have not been fully validated. You should expect issues and to help
us deliver a better kernel in the future, please file bugs in Launchpad at

The source tarball is available at:

The kernel sources can also be accessed using git at:
  tag: linux-linaro-3.0-2011.07-1

This snapshot is based on the 3.0 stable kernel with a number
of changes developed by Linaro and integrated from the 3.1-rc
cycle. The changes since our 11.07 release, other than what is
already in 3.0 include:

 * The comprehensive ARM kprobes work from Jon (Tixy) Medhurst

 * The new processor struct macros from Dave Martin

 * A small part of the single zImage work from Nicolas Pitre

 * The ARM cpu topology definition from Vincent Guittot

 * Basic Cortex A15 support from Will Deacon & Pawel Moll

 * DMA infrastructure cleanups from Russell King

 * A kernel helper to perform 64-bit atomic operations from Nicolas Pitre

 * Enhanced DT support for boards from Grant Likely, Shawn Guo,
   Manjunath Kondaiah, and Thomas Abraham.

A full changelog against 3.0 is available at:

High Priority Known Issues:

  * Only half of RAM useable when using Device Tree on Panda board
   (LP #707047)

  * Nicolas has run into EHCI not working on the Panda board. This
    is a config issue and is being looked into.

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