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RELEASED GNU Mailman 3.0a5

Written for GNU Mailman by Barry Warsaw on 2010-01-19

Hello everyone, welcome to 2010 and another Mailman 3 alpha release.

I'm happy to announce Mailman 3.0 alpha 5. New in this release are additional
REST API methods for subscribing and unsubscribing email addresses to mailing
lists, and for listing all members of all mailing lists. Mailman also
properly handles the -join, -leave, and -confirm email commands and
sub-addresses (-subscribe and -unsubscribe are aliases for -join and -leave).

A few more command line scripts have been renamed, a 'devmode' setting has
been added, and Mailman now searches for its configuration file using this
search order:

   -C config command line argument
   $MAILMAN_CONFIG_FILE environment variable

As always, you can download the tarball from the Cheeseshop or Launchpad:

Documentation is available here:


Mailman 3.0a4 released

Written for GNU Mailman by Barry Warsaw on 2009-11-29

I'm happy to announce the release of the fourth alpha of Mailman 3. Things are getting real now! You can actually connect Mailman to Postfix for both sending and receiving, although all creation of lists, addition of addresses, etc, must be done through the command line.

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