Me TV 2.0.0 is in development

Written for Me TV by Michael Lamothe on 2011-02-11

Does anyone read these announcements any more? If so, let me know so I know to keep writing things here. Anyway, like the headline says, Me TV 2.0.0 is in development and is almost ready for people to test. If you're interested in giving a test then let me know, Scott might be kind enough to build it in the development PPA. Try it out and give some feedback because a few features have been removed but I'm happy to re-add the features that people are actually using.

Me TV 2.0.0 will separate the Me TV frontend GTK application from the backend DVB services, like MythTV or GDD. Basically Me TV can now run headless with any frontend that is written for it, with multiple frontends.

Also, I'm pretty sure that we'll be switching to a VLC based player on the frontend.

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