Official Release of MadGraph5_aMC@NLO

Written for MadGraph5_aMC@NLO by Olivier Mattelaer on 2013-12-16

we would like to announce the public release of the new code


now available for download at .

The new code supersedes both beta versions of aMC@NLO available since Nov 2012 and
the MadGraph5 1.5.x versions, thus unifying the two main lines of development of the LO and
NLO features in a single integrated framework.

The main features of the new code are:

0. All the tree-level/LO functionalities in the SM and BSM of MadGraph5.
1. Fully automatic computation of QCD corrections in QCD at the NLO (loop, real, counterterms) for any SM process.
2. Fully automatic event generation at the NLO, matched to Pythia8, Herwig++, Herwig6, Pythia6(Q2), Pythia6(pt, ISR only) according to the MC@NLO formalism.
3. Very significant improvements in speed and efficiency wrt the beta version of aMC@NLO, leading basically to the possibility of computing at NLO in QCD any SM process up to 2-> 4 at the Born level.
4. Automatic computation of scale and pdf uncertainties at NLO and MC@NLO level at no extra computational cost.
5. Support of the LHE format v3.0 with reweighting information for uncertainties as well as for parameter scanning.
6. A much more flexible and complete user interface, including an easy-to-use analysis framework for fixed-order NLO computations.
7. Semi-automation of the FxFx multi-parton merging at NLO with HERWIG6.

More details will be given in a forthcoming publication foreseen for beginning of next year.

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