MiniINI 0.7 released

Written for miniini by Ferdinand Majerech on 2010-04-10

Announcing release of MiniINI 0.7. This release finally adds support for tags with multiple values, and continues the trend of refactoring and polishing MiniINI code. Documentation has also seen many improvements, especially the new series of tutorials describing all MiniINI features. Overview of the changes:

Tags with multiple, comma separated values can now be read into arrays. A new familt of INISection methods, ReadMultiXXX was added to read multi value tags. If ReadXXX methods are called on a multi-value tag, the first value is read.

A bug that could cause a segfault when allocator allocated a new block was fixed.

Some refactoring of internal code.

Improvements in API documentation, warnings and regression tester.

Using txt2tags for documentation now.

For more details, see CHANGES.txt inside the package.

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