Mir 0.26.1

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Daniel van Vugt
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2 Alan Griffiths, 1 Andreas Pokorny, 1 Cemil Azizoglu, 3 Daniel van Vugt, 4 Kevin DuBois
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11 Fix Released

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download icon mir-0.26.1.tar.xz (md5, sig) Mir 0.26.1 source code 77
last downloaded 68 weeks ago
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Release notes 

- ABI summary:
  . mirclient ABI unchanged at 9
  . mirserver ABI unchanged at 43
  . mircommon ABI unchanged at 7
  . mirplatform ABI bumped to 15
  . mirprotobuf ABI unchanged at 3
  . mirplatformgraphics ABI bumped to 12
  . mirclientplatform ABI unchanged at 5
  . mirinputplatform ABI unchanged at 6
  . mircore ABI unchanged at 1
- Enhancements:
  . Support for MirBuffer API that allows for better management of
    hardware/software buffers.
  . Support for MirPresentationChain API that allows better control
    over {de}queueing of individual buffers {from}to the server.
  . Interim support for MirRenderSurface API that provides a unit of
    renderable for lower level content such as MirBufferStreams and
    MirPresentationChains, etc.. MirRenderSurface API is marked
    deprecated as it (and the relevant entry points) will be renamed to
    MirSurface before general availability. It will initially be used for
    revamping support for EGL drivers.
  . Synchronous version of mir_prompt_session_new_fds_for_prompt_providers()
    API (mir_prompt_session_new_fds_for_prompt_providers_sync()) added for
  . Better name for MirPersistentId-->MirWindowId. MirPersistentId has now
    been deprecated.
- Bugs fixed: See below.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1661508 #1661508 [regression] Nested server segfaults or rapidly logs exceptions when a fullscreen client starts [in mir_presentation_chain_set_dropping_mode ... std::exception::what: Operation not permitted] 2 Critical Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1661521 #1661521 [regression] Windowed clients of nested servers are all black 2 Critical Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1661592 #1661592 0.26.1 silo fails to start u8 2 Critical Andreas Pokorny  10 Fix Released
1661704 #1661704 mir_window_request_persistent_id_sync seg faults when called twice 2 Critical Cemil Azizoglu  10 Fix Released
1663062 #1663062 [regression] Software clients of nested servers with size >=480x480 are all black in Mir 0.25.0 and later (or stretched and distorted under Unity8) 2 Critical Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1661128 #1661128 [regression] Unity8 stutters constantly (like half frame rate) using Mir 0.26.0 3 High Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1662455 #1662455 Mir graphics platform ABI broke in series 0.26 but sonames never changed 3 High Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1662997 #1662997 [regression] mirscreencast hangs during screencast creation 3 High Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1663197 #1663197 mir_window_spec_set_cursor_name() doesn't trigger mir::scene::SurfaceObserver::cursor_image_set_to 3 High Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
1661072 #1661072 [regression] Mir 0.26.0 - spinner loading animation, minimize, maximize too fast 4 Medium Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1662942 #1662942 libmirclient-dev missing build depndency on libmircore-dev 4 Medium Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
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