Ubuntu Netbook Remix Launcher


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trunk series Focus of Development
Latest milestones: ubuntu-10.04-alpha-1, 2.1.14     Latest releases: 2.1.14
Bugs targeted: 1 Confirmed
Blueprints targeted: None

Development focus

2.0 series Active Development
Bugs targeted: 3 Invalid, 5 Won't Fix, 1 In Progress, 1 Fix Committed, 13 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

Clutter 0.9/1.0, new layout and plugin support

1.6 series Supported
Latest releases: 1.6
Bugs targeted: 3 Invalid, 14 Won't Fix, 3 Confirmed, 1 Triaged, 1 Fix Committed, 19 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

This was the netbook-launcher code that is in Jaunty (UNR 1.2). Although a point release by name, it was a major release as it moved from Clutter 0.6 to Clutter 0.8.

1.0 series Obsolete
Blueprints targeted: None

Original Clutter 0.6 version of the launcher (ume-launcher)

14 of 4 results