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Nuvola 3.0.8 Released, Packages for Ubuntu 17.04 Ready & Ubuntu Software Bug

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2017-04-19

This issue of Nuvola News deals with the Nuvola Player 3.0.8 release, the availability of packages for Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus (both Nuvola 3.0 and 3.1) and a bug in the Ubuntu Software application.

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How the Benefits of Nuvola Flatpak Builds Outweigh the Drawbacks

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2017-04-08

Flatpak builds of Nuvola are a huge step forward because Flatpak finally, after years of struggling, allows Nuvola project to pursue its goals:

- Support multiple distributions. That is not feasible with traditional package managers as it increases maintenance burden dramatically.
- Maintain compatibility with the rapidly changing world of web apps. This is not possible if Nuvola has to use outdated versions of the WebKitGTK library on your system.
- Provide the best user experience possible. The full potential of this goal was significantly reduced by old libraries Nuvola had to work with (plenty of hacks and workarounds).
- Enhanced security. Some distributions (e.g. Debian) do not provide security updates for WebKitGTK at all and some only occasionally, which is not safe because Nuvola has access to all your data.

However, each coin has two sides. What are the drawbacks and benefits?

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Nuvola 3.1 Milestone 2 Deprecates DEB/RPM Packages in Favor of Flatpaks and Officially Supports Another Distribution

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2017-03-26

Nuvola 3.1 Milestone 2 (3.1.2 for short) is the second milestone on the way towards the Nuvola 4.0 release (formerly referred to as Nuvola 3.2). There have been 123 commits since Nuvola 3.1.1 and 71 code changes since Diorite 0.3.1. The development focused on three major areas:

1. Cross-distribution flatpak packages to replace DEB/RPM packages in order to support more distributions.
2. HTML5 Audio and Media Source Extension to achieve Flash-free playback.
3. Modernization of the code base to improve performance and accomplish tighter desktop integration.

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Nuvola Player 3.0.7 Released

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2017-02-27

I am happy to announce a new bug fix release Nuvola Player 3.0.7 (from the 3.0.x Stable Releases series).

Following problems have been addressed:

  - NuvolaPlayer/SoundCloud 3.0.5 menu item ‘Unknown application name’. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#301
  - SoundCloud 3.0.5 crashes when started from a Ubuntu Launcher. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#302
  - Web App scripts should provide own desktop files. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#263

In addition, Nuvola 3.0.7 no longer supports scripts not built with the Nuvola SDK. This backward incompatible change is necessary for a smooth transition to Nuvola 4.0.

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Nuvola Player 3.0.5 and Diorite 0.2.2 Released

Written for Nuvola Player by Jiří Janoušek on 2017-02-18

I am happy to announce a new bug fix release Nuvola Player 3.0.5 (from the 3.0.x Stable Releases series) and the accompanying Diorite library 0.2.2.

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