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Release notes 

New Features

* Adds support for IPv6

* Stale load balancer entries with DELETED provisioning_status are
  now cleaned-up by housekeeper after if they are older than

* Adds support for networks that do not have DHCP services enabled.

Upgrade Notes

* To support IPv6 a databse migration and amphora image update are

* To fix the admin-state-up bug you must upgrade your amphora image.

* To enabled encrypted ramfs storage for certificates and keys, you
  must upgrade your amphora image.

* New option *load_balancer_expiry_age* is added to the
  *house_keeping* config section. It defines load balancer expiry age
  in seconds, the default value is 604800.

* To support networks without DHCP you must upgrade your amphora

Deprecation Notes

* Amphora with a terminated HTTPS load balancer can no longer be
  rebooted. If they reboot, they will trigger a failover of the

Security Issues

* Certificate and key storage for terminated HTTPS load balancers is
  now in an encrypted ramfs path inside the amphora.

* Allows the operator to optionally restrict the amphora glance
  image selection to a specific owner id. This is a recommended
  security setting for clouds that allow user uploadable images.

Bug Fixes

* Resolves an issue with subnets larger than /24

* Fixes admin-state-up=False action for loadbalancer and listener.


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Changes in octavia 0.8.0..0.9.0

fc51b73 Fix a typo in README.rst
47bc579 Add a cookbook for basic load balancing
1360c19 Adding introduction and developer quick start docs
a97dec3 Updated from global requirements
f85e617 Terminated HTTPS certs and keys in encrypted ramfs
9d5c38a Fix orphan port/security group on revert
5e774f3 Octavia: Basic LoadBalancer Scenario Test
7feb462 Fix typos in amphora_flows.py & octavia.conf
82f81e3 Drop the log level for "neutron extension found"
0e2c927 Adds tasks so that reverts set objects to ERROR
d0f93b5 Updated from global requirements
2108ebc Fixes a test order issue with image tag owner
225da2e Setup gate test scripts for Octavia
fb6cc70 Fixes the revert methods with unhandled exceptions
d7d062a Option to restrict amp glance image owner
55da095 Fixes a revert failure in AllocateVIP task
bad9b35 Add L7 user guides
c4017ae _extract_amp_image_id_by_tag should return last created image
b181bb3 Adding a unit test for graph create failure case
5eb294e Set fullconn parameter in haproxy backends
f37b3e5 Set haproxy global connection limit
83731fd Fix admin_state_up for loadbalancer and listener
26ab83e Add tox 'specs' test to pep8 environment
e76ff49 Updated from global requirements
e291a88 Stop using bandit-baseline
0a4764f Update tox 'docs' environment to test specs
dad4504 Fix active-active specs tox test
1fc6c07 Fix No sql_connection parameter is established
c996357 Remove deprecated (and unused) 'sqlite_db' config option
823a6a3 Add __ne__ built-in function
d7146de Move bandit to pep8
d826fc2 Subnet host routes support for plug_network
f06c188 Updated from global requirements
118e9d0 Update readme file
aae434e Rewrite create_load_balancer flow
0ccb75d Corrected test_dir path in TempestPlugin
571578c Update config reference to use auto generate
31aeced Updated from global requirements
058dbb3 Octavia: Implement Tempest Plugin
f5c1549 Deperecate apt-mirror element
f43edf7 Add spec for active-active
696bf71 Add spec for adding statistics gathering API for loadbalancer
7ab6332 Updated from global requirements
03854d8 Fixes amphora error of multiple IP addresses
13f2b1e Use upper constraints for all jobs in tox.ini
579e24b Make pyroute2 a requirement of octavia
d7ac8b1 Fix failover
92e3b14 Updated from global requirements
7ba33e6 Fixes failover flow with namespace driver
8d028d9 Remove oslo.rootwrap from requirements.txt
bbb7185 Updated from global requirements
2125c3a Updating network base utils for more functionality
52e32ed DIB: relax check on pip executable
bce460e Condense amphora-agent-ubuntu in to amphora-agent
d8afeea Remove unnecessary if and exception
6b8fe60 Updated from global requirements
8c50a35 Allow IPv6 VIPs
e683b78 DIB output filename and requirements fixes
bc2e9be Adds a process to generate key flow documentation
598f854 Updated from global requirements
a00d60e Remove datetime_to_str
cb6be8e Fix some typos in the haproxy-amphora-api.rst
bd9d7a0 Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments
9630ae7 Updated from global requirements
3b11f69 Mock time.sleep in tests to reduce test time
5891b5a Fixed UnmappedInstanceError thrown when LB delete
74d052f Revise pagination_max_limit description
2b41699 Skip removing sec_group if none
23ec553 Updated from global requirements
53ac682 Fixes Octavia handling of subnets without DHCP
6979f8e fix a misspelling
bb96124 Updated from global requirements
0fa0828 Allow deletion of ERRORed load balancers
4695d05 Replace 'c = a if a else b' with 'c = a or b'
636165b Use the from_environ features of oslo_context
eff96e6 We should set status to be 1 if get nothing from socket
68aa273 Fix a small bug when list opts
5e31db9 Remove unnecessary check to get all listener ids
37fc1a0 Update the home-page info with the developer documentation
e919aba Add debug information when skipped some errors
21078a4 Instead name, use uuid to get security group instance
fb8bd2c Instead of info, use exception for logging an exception
0857083 No need to use getattr func to get a value
fd18ee3 Py3: Don't use dict.values()[0]
3a44e59 DIB image tests speedups
3ea3151 Fix a typo and replace unused variable with '_'
686357a Use seperate security group for o-hm0 port in devstack
79bcdec Updated from global requirements
a4f3931 Disbale DNS update for port o-hm0 in devstack
7be9df8 Adding improved logging to amphora rest driver
a5f730c Correct reraising of exception
2c134db Fix typo in the files
e1d545b Cache neutron extension lookup state
8c17379 Removing FK relationships from ListenerStatistics
fdde4e6 Revert "Condense amphora-agent-ubuntu in to amphora-agent"
7bfd1e2 Fixing bug in single-create jinja config generation
ed776fd Allow to run DIB when installed system-wide
db21789 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv
6e97a37 Support RHEL base image in DIB
55e6e3a Fixed running tox while stacked
7938b88 Add _get_resource func to get any type resource in neutron
c3c9fb6 Updated from global requirements
50fd8be Insert haproxy in front of all the o-api endpoints
b47fcb2 Allow deploying secondary worker and API nodes
48d4316 Fix small typo in log message
9de6d8d Fix Octavia release notes header
ae94266 Fix docstrings for database tasks
a7ac7ad Decrease default resource expiry age in DevStack setup
d73df70 Cleanup deleted load balancers in housekeeper's db_cleanup
4f208c3 Fixes failover issue with neutron dns integration
f88e06b Use correct code version for amphora agent image
2fd106a Updated from global requirements
bc5b2d0 Add revert method in database_tasks MapLoadbalancerToAmphora
687a972 Condense amphora-agent-ubuntu in to amphora-agent
866dbb3 Use git.o.o rather than review.o.o for cloning
aec22a7 Modernize amphora-agent element
a1d29a8 Remove the conditional check for topology
e42b3db Remove untrue comment message
d19eb06 Updated from global requirements
ebf88b6 Updates test with overridden timeout values
7325db3 Updated from global requirements
0e56b4b Updated from global requirements
c8db226 Fixed unit test for amphorae backend utils
ea49165 Repaired spacing mistake in info message
2d72ac6 Fix alembic migration on MySQL 5.7
fda9f2c Set device owner for health manager port
3194618 Use transport_url instead of oslo_messaging_rabbit
b7e585e Killed existing downgrade rules in migration scripts
d3fa739 Updated from global requirements
b44619e Drop support for SQL Schema Downgrades
189654e Use RABBIT_USERID instead of 'guest'
a345559 Disable dhclient requests the default route info
cb298fa Fix docstrings for AmphoraLoadBalancerDriver and ControllerWorker
70183aa Adds methods in version.py for proper oslo_reports setup
18b2f02 Tox: Remove exclude directories that no longer exist
15fef27 Updated from global requirements
501c6f9 health-manager listen port security group
8474c60 Fix unreachable TimeOutException bug in amphora driver
d5137d1 Fix Mac OS X socket.AF_INET6 code
3e7872a Fixes small typos in comments in source files of api
c6a9be4 Fix vrrp_success_count help string
2a2e1f5 [docs] Fixes to octavia-api docs
f3013cd Using utils function to get the network driver
1896dfe Update nova api version to 2.1
a4a8fa2 validate the subnet id for create loadbalancer and member
c599f9b Use devstack RABBIT_HOST to point to rabbit, instead of localhost
dee7043 Allow deployment with pre-generated ssh keys and certificates
acbf4f9 Use upper-constraints.txt file for all tox targets
c3f4f8f Updated from global requirements
685f7c1 Make registering error handlers compliant with Flask 0.11
8566a69 Use glance image-list command in devstack/plugin.sh
1c67df2 Add timestamp to octavia resources
1023441 Updated from global requirements
b3a97e3 Allowing for a host amphora configuration
65cc70e Network driver should generate network configs
b27a507 Small cleanup of plugin.sh
d8d74fa Remove oslo.serialization module requirement
4a96ad9 Add env variables for memory and vcpu in the Vagrantfile
c71e6f8 Add libvirt provider support
497f602 Updated from global requirements
8db658b Make sure ~/.ssh/known_hosts exists before calling ssh-keygen -R
32f48f1 Use the local /vagrant dir for copying the config and support scripts
2194758 Implement custom header support for Octavia
632ab41 [Trivial] Remove unnecessary executable privilege
ad166aa Wait for loadbalancer to be ready instead of sleeping
786d50b Fix keystone auth url in devstack plugin
2e37926 Add WSGI support for octavia api
afad248 Updated from global requirements
1efa2f6 Updated from global requirements
2f33429 Added amphora_id to listener_statistics table to stop data loss
74ce8e5 Whitespace bug in sysvinit jinja template
93983ad Taskflow update exposed inconsistencies in tasks
9f6c6d0 Support db-manage command for db migration
3d5c097 Updated from global requirements
d5cf8b9 Updated from global requirements
c3b8e2d Fixed duplicate constants declarations
6f94a41 Attach port to amphora when adding member to shared pool
e2d815f Updated from global requirements
6c000c2 Amphora fails to build
0ab1e25 Updated from global requirements
b89abe1 Run amphora haproxy in a network namespace
4230e00 Update amp_network to allow multiple networks
a3361b4 Updated from global requirements
747d45f Defer updating role and vrrp_priority for failover
4dc6f3e Add missing unit test for cascade lb delete
d63f3ce TLS/SNI Listener creation fails when using intermiate certificates
a0fd4c2 Updated from global requirements
aea7420 Updated from global requirements
66b1f2b Replace mock open with namespace builtins with OpenFixture
bd04981 Replace the os.open method with safer way
c358e1b Remove the default anchor usrename and password value
8af5ca5 Removes port_detach code that was mistakenly added
298fd45 Fixes the SNI issues in master(mitaka) for octavia
3dd5029 Add neutron-lbaas-dashboard to local.conf sample
f7c776f Fixes failover when using a spares pool
16827bb Devstack: Use OVS_BRIDGE when value is set
cee1869 Make GIT_REPO can be configured
cb18799 Fix local.sh script for Keystone authentication
f3cab49 Exit local.sh immediately when error occurs
5d45ce9 Adds documentation for the Octavia configuration
b77cfc3 Fix devstack plugin clean of o-hm0
e40b691 Update release notes for Mitaka release

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