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1.4.1 release from the 1.4 series released 2017-02-16

Release information
Release notes:

Add more gsettings keys to allow using gsettings overrides instead of the onboard-defaults.conf file.

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download icon onboard-1.4.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code tarball of release 1.4.1 21,677
last downloaded today
Total downloads: 21,677

1.4.0 release from the 1.4 series released 2017-02-14

Release information
Release notes:

These are the main changes that went into Onboard 1.4.0 compared to Onboard 1.3.0:

  * Tablet-mode: (LP: #1366421)
    - Add detection based on acpid reporting the SW_TABLET_MODE switch
    - Add detection based on hotkey events from XInput
    - Add detection by reading tablet-mode state from a few known sysfs paths
    - Add option to the Auto-show page to auto-show Onboard only in tablet-mode
    - Only run GlobalKeyListener when necessary
    - Add tablet-mode settings to Preferences->Auto-show->Convertibles
  * GNOME Shell:
    - Add edge-drag gesture to show the keyboard in GNOME Shell
    - Add option to gnome-shell-extension-prefs to disable edge-drag
    - Enable auto-show only on first start (LP: #1650810)
    - Fix to have distutils-extra not open extension dir as a...

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download icon onboard-1.4.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code tarball of release 1.4.0 5,069
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
Total downloads: 5,069

1.3.0 release from the 1.3 series released 2016-08-15

Release information
Release notes:

These are the main changes that went into Onboard 1.3.0 compared to Onboard 1.2.0:

  * Status icon:
    - Move AppIndicator and GtkStatusIcon into separate backends
    - Allow left-clicking AppIndicator in KDE Plasma
    - Don't crash when Appindicator or Atspi are not available
    - Fix fallback to GtkStatusIcon when Applndicator is not available
    - Fix tooltip of status icon provider (LP: #1570318). Thanks Ubuntu-QC-1
  * Word suggestions and auto-correction:
    - Add Esperanto language model
    - Elipsize very large words and fix them being invisible
    - Fix Compact layout not showing the "More suggestions" arrows
    - Improve auto-correction of URLs and filenames in long texts
  * Virtkey:
    - Improve search for available keysyms in X (LP:1562381)
    - Move key mapping...

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download icon onboard-1.3.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball of Onboard version 1.3.0 2,696
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,696

1.2.0 release from the 1.2 series released 2016-02-18

Release information
Release notes:

This release ships the following changes compared to Onboard 1.1.0:

  * Word suggestions and auto-correction:
    - Add arrows to page through more suggestions and option to turn them off
    - Show capitalized suggestions even when SHIFT is off
    - Don't place the remove suggestion dialog behind Onboard
    - Improve behaviour of auto-punctuation
    - Begin preparations for lazy word separator insertion
    - Disable punctuation assistance when entering commands in the terminal
    - Disable spelling suggestions for URLs and file names
    - Disable auto-capitalization of URLs and file names
    - Add Bulgarian system language model
  * Layouts:
    - Improve Phone layout for cyrillic languages
    - Improve Small layout for cyrillic languages (LP: #1534210)
    - Shorten key labe...

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download icon onboard-1.2.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball of Onboard version 1.2.0 1,813
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,813

1.1.2 release from the 1.1 series released 2015-08-20

Release information
Release notes:

The following changes went into Onboard 1.1.2 compared to Onboard 1.1.1:

  * Import wily translations from rosetta for Onboard 1.1 as of 18/08/2015
  * Attempt to auto-show and keep Onboard visible in unity dash
  * Correctly position the language menu also in wily
  * Have rounded corners and transparency of the icon palette also in wily
  * Return transparency effects of the keyboard in wily
  * Don't invert the case of auto-typed suggestions when CAPS is enabled
  * Improve auto-show logic in the presence of text popups
  * Automatically insert a slash after the top level domain co
  * Fix touch input with event source GTK and multi-touch mode, thanks J Wiegman
  * Fix touch events not being received in Kwin (LP:1470825)
  * Fix spurious backtrace on suggestions when accessible beco...

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download icon onboard-1.1.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) Code release tarball of version 1.1.2. 3,770
last downloaded 8 days ago
Total downloads: 3,770

1.1.1 release from the 1.1 series released 2015-02-18

Release information
Release notes:

The following changes went into Onboard 1.1.1 compared to Onboard 1.1.0:

  * Import vivid translations from rosetta for Onboard 1.1 as of 18/02/2015
  * Fix international character selection offset on high-dpi screen (LP: #1421840)
  * Fix left click on GtkStatusIcon fallback not working (LP: #1421972)
  * Trap the occasional X error BadDrawable causing Onboard to exit
  * Fix traceback when showing keyboard popups in Precise
  * Fix display of key popups for compiz and metacity in Precise
  * Fix stuck keys in keyboard popups with event source GTK
  * Fix auto-inserting separator Ĩ instead of space when NumLock is enabled
  * Fix initial Py_None not being dereferenced when copying OskDeviceEvents
  * Stop synchronisation of modifiers when Alt is active
  * Recognize a touch device wi...

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download icon onboard-1.1.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Code release tarball for Onboard 1.1.1 1,875
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,875

1.1.0 release from the 1.1 series released 2015-01-28

Release information
Release notes:

These are the changes that went into version 1.1.0 of Onboard compared to version 1.0.0.

  * Word suggestions:
    - Add possibility to learn word sequences, but no new words
    - Add removal of words from current user language model on long press
    - Add removal of a word in current context only
    - Add tool to extract letter frequencies from a given language model
    - Use slash as word separator in the path component of URLs
    - Improve word suggestions after a wrap to a second line in gnome-terminal
    - Better handle interaction with the awesome bar's URL completion of firefox
    - Fix synchronisation between libreoffice writer and text document
    - Fix insertion of word separators consisting of more than one character
    - Delete selected text before inserting sugges...

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download icon onboard-1.1.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Tarball with the source code of the 1.1.0 release 248
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 248

1.0.1 release from the 1.0 series released 2014-03-07

Release information
Release notes:

This is a bug fix release that ships the following changes compared to version 1.0.0:
  * Add initial support for org.gnome.interface scaling-factor > 1 (LP #1283491)
  * Catch Onboard becoming unresponsive due to invisible dialogs
  * Small fix in the word suggestion line of the layouts
  * Fix loading of desktop backgrounds with non-ascii filenames
  * Fix startup failures in case of no defined locale or non-unicode locales
  * Fix handling of hint file with wrong permissions in /tmp
  * Fix black bars when xembedding
  * Ignore x-offset when xembedding in unity-greeter on small screens
  * Add more entries about embedding to the system defaults example file
  * Don't activate the move button twice on press
  * Assume RGBA support exist without compositing only in unity-greeter
  * Sh...

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download icon onboard-1.0.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code tarball 3,024
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 3,024

1.0.0 release from the 1.0 series released 2014-02-19

Release information
Release notes:

These are the main changes for the 1.0.0 release:

  * Word suggestions enhancements:
    - Every language id now has its own user language model
    - Add a checkbox to the Preferences to show the language switch on layouts
    - Add a checkbox to the Preferences to show the pause learning button
    - Add Canadian English system language model
    - Add Danish system language model
    - Add various flavors of the Dutch system language model
    - Add Gaelic system language model
    - Add Greek system language model
    - Add Irish system language model
    - Add Luxembourgian system language model.
    - Add Polish system language model
    - Add Romanian system language model
    - Add Swedish system language model
    - Add Turkish system language model
    - Update Brazilian sys...

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download icon onboard-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code tarball 233
last downloaded 10 weeks ago
Total downloads: 233

0.99.0 release from the 0.99 series released 2013-08-21

Release information
Release notes:

Onboard 0.99.0 does not depend anymore on the stand-alone python-virtkey or python3-virtkey, because the corresponding fonctionality has been integrated into Onboard.

Onboard 0.99.0 offers among others a typing assistant, that offers suggestions to complete words while typing; it also suggests next words, when a word has been completely typed. To offer better suggestions, Onboard is also shipping a few language models.


These are the changes that went into the 0.99.0 release of Onboard. For a more detailed list of the changes, please have a look at the commits of the 0.99 branch.

  * Long press popup:
    - Hide long press popup when keyboard gets hidden
    - Add possibility to show arbitrary layouts in popups
    - Add character alternatives for most latin based languages
  * Add key-press feedback:
    - Size of label popup stored in gsettings-key
    - Also allow images in the touch feedback
    - Don't show feedback popup when xembedded
  * Add sound feedback:
    - New dependency: libcanberra
    - Add 'Play sound' option to the Preferences dialog
  * Add word suggestions:
    - Add tools to create language models (lm) from large corpora
    - Learn from typed text by default
    - Limit over-learning in the terminal with additional filters.
    - Use UTF-8 encoding internally (cuts memory usage)
    - Fall back to hard-coded country codes if there is no lm for current locale
    - Add initial system language models for: de_AT, de_CH, de_DE, en_AU,
      en_ES, en_GB, en_US, fr_fr, it_IT, pt_BR, pt_PT, ru_RU
    - Optimize system language models for size/memory usage.
    - Use case insensitive predictions most of the time
    - Offer spelling suggestions based on the hunspell C-API
    - Auto-add word separators
    - Add word suggestion row to all layouts
    - Make word suggestion also work when using the scanning mode
    - Doctests available for English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and
  * Add auto-capitalization
    - Off by default because very new
    - Add corresponding option to the Preferences of Onboard
    - Independent of word suggestions
  * Add XInput as a new event source and make it the default: (LP: #905636)
    - Fall back to GTK event handling if XInput 2.2 isn't available
    - Allow switching between GTK and XInput events without restarting Onboard
    - Listen only to the XInput client pointer and its slaves
    - Make XInput target specific windows instead of root window
    - Support Multi-touch
    - Don't count scroll-wheel movement as button presses
    - Grab pointer even if click is performed by different device than movement
    - Fix pointer becoming unresponsive on wetab tablet (LP: #1095508)
  * Docking:
    - Fix returning to the undocked position when turning off docking
  * Layouts:
    - Add new layout called Phone
    - Add new layout called Small
    - Fix Euro sign not being typed in Phone and Small layouts (LP: #1164009)
    - Fix key stroke width not being written to theme files
    - Make layouts understand a new 'layout' tag for sub-layouts
    - Make layouts understand a new 'compact' attribute for boxes
    - New 'svg_id' attribute allows ids in the svg file different from key id
    - New key attribute 'label_margin' to influence the size of the labels
    - New attribute 'theme_id' for keys
    - Allow multiple characters in char attribute of layouts
    - Fall back to default layout on a layout loading error
    - Allow blocking of auto-switch to layer0 for arbitrary sub-trees
    - Perform various layout tweaks
    - Move hide button to word suggestion line when visible
    - Update layouts format versions to 3.1
  * Remove support for python 2
  * Integrate functionality of virtkey extension into Onboard; the separate
    python-virtkey package is not necessary anymore
  * Fix another problem with handling the no core keyboard case (LP: 526791)
  * Fix setting the Super key label override in the Preferences dialog
  * Make system defaults work also after a manual install (LP: #1210568)
  * Prevent motion event congestion when using XInput (LP: #1210665)
  * Base remapping of middle and right click on XInput (LP: #1191098)
  * Add another click type switching method under XInput (LP: #1210575)
  * Allow to wrap simulated clicks in left Alt presses (LP: #1212248)
  * Support XDG Base Directory Specification (LP: #1074448)
  * Don't create empty user directories until they are needed (LP: #1105843)
  * Allow drag selection of keys (LP: #644210)
  * Add HighContrast icon (LP: #1082243)
  * Fix onboard sometimes not switching labels back to lower case (LP: #1207503)
  * Ensure proper python thread state in gdk event filters (LP: #1189946)
  * Properly set up signal handler in the osk python thread state (LP: #1195857)
  * Fix segfault when activating drag click the first time without hover click
  * Don't interrupt manual window movement with auto-show repositioning
  * Do not support anymore outdated conversion to gsettings (LP: #1123789)
  * Fix window resizing while the scanner is enabled
  * Don't flash the icon palette when rotating the screen of the Nexus 7
  * Terminate drag click on pointer stop instead of click to work around bug
  * Move keyboard to current desktop with D-Bus Show() in OpenBox (LP: #1092166)
  * Work around hang/endless loop when quickly switching themes
  * Fix URL bar of Epiphany web browser not being detected by AT-SPI
  * Various fixes to improve python2 compatibility
  * Fix osk errors found by cpychecker
  * Make more AT-SPI processing asynchronous
  * Handle more uncaught AT-SPI exceptions
  * Don't read much data from accessibles before we know them to be of interest
  * Let ConfigObject be the interface of all gsettings delay and apply calls
  * Improve appearance of the Preferences dialog
  * Allow starting up without python(3)-dbus (runs with reduced functionality)
  * Update system defaults example files
  * Make themes work with more layers
  * Improve themes and color schemes
  * Add sdist to pkg-config debugging aid
  * Remove Alt-Tab blocking on Nexus 7 (LP: #1082101)
  * Drop gconf2 migration
  * Update some labels and tooltips
  * Some code cleanup

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download icon onboard-0.99.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code tarball of Onboard 0.99.0 1,368
last downloaded 8 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,368

110 of 31 releases