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Francesco Fumanti
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This version is the first that takes also the nexus 7 into account. Here are the main changes compared to Onboard 0.98.0:

  * Onboard requires now virtkey >= 0.63.0
  * Add example file with system defaults for the nexus7
  * Various changes to get acceptable speeds on the nexus7 (LP: #1070760)
  * Add docking feature (LP: #405034)
  * Add sliding feature for docking and auto-repositioning
  * Add multitouch support
  * Add a toggle to stop listening to touch events in case of many problems
  * Add popup on long press for key variants like diacritics
  * New option to choose popup vs repeat for keys with variants
  * New gsettings key for the popup delay
  * Make move, frame and touch handles work on the nexus7
  * Perform simulated clicks on correct touch position
  * Auto-release pointer grab after timeout in case nexus7 is unresponsive
  * Fix xserver memory leaking
  * Improve speed when typing and moving the pointer (LP: #1055448)
  * Fix rendering being slowed by emboss effect on keycaps (LP: #890221)
  * Fix for not being able to move/resize Onboard on touchscreens (LP: #959035)
  * Have Onboard respect launcher icon size (LP: #1078554)
  * Auto-show Onboard by clicking already selected text entries (LP: #1078602)
  * Make default shortcut for language/layout work from Onboard (LP: #1078629)
  * New design of the Preferences dialog with more options (LP: #1053496)
  * Disable click buttons when mousetweaks is not installed
  * Add D-Bus service to show and hide the keyboard (LP: 1032042)
  * Don't export dbus service for embedded instances
  * Fix keys with operators (+,-,*,/) on the number keypad of Onboard
  * Set NumLock's default sticky behavior to LOCK_ONLY
  * Keep state of NumLock across restarts
  * New attribute in layout files for sticky key behaviour
  * New layout tags key_template and keysym_rule defining keysym-specific labels
  * New window tag for color schemes to define border of popups
  * New layout tag for language specific overrides in the layouts
  * Move common key definitions into template for import by layout files
  * Sync modifier states of Onboard with changes by hardware keyboard or tools
  * Fix keys not re-rendered when releasing latched modifiers (LP: #1069990)
  * Fix failure to instantiate Config singleton with python 3.3 (LP: #1065480)
  * Fix distutils-extra build with python3.3
  * Send key strokes for all modifiers (LP: #1067797)
  * Blacklist Ctrl-LAlt+Fn keys by default
  * Add alternative key generation by at-spi2
  * Show Onboard on top of full-screen windows (LP: #1035578, LP: #1035578)
  * Don't auto-start Onboard in GNOME Shell when a11y key is set (LP: #879942)
  * Try to improve struts handling for metacity and mutter
  * Fix status icon showing in MATE, Xfce and others (LP: #1044918)
  * Fix getpreferredencoding hack, by Matthias Klose
  * Build for all python3 versions, by Matthias Klose
  * Add work arounds for some problems with the search box of firefox
  * Do not abort startup if dconf key migration fails
  * Improve startup sequence to fix Onboard showing up sometime at position 0.0
  * Hide preferences button if g-c-c isn't in PATH (LP: #1053194)
  * Give --not-show-in less chance to cause D-Bus timeouts in GNOME Shell
  * Also add stack traces to file logging
  * Fix configuring of Direct Scan
  * Fix vendor/product id lookup of input devices
  * Fix input device listing in the Preferences dialog
  * Make scanning work out of the box on the nexus7
  * Fix opening SVG files when used in python2 mode
  * Small changes to some themes
  * Add new Nightshade theme
  * Add keystroke width to the theme settings
  * Highlight pressed keys longer for better visibility on slow computers
  * More visual tweaks
  * Several code cleanups


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