openMarkers 5.0 released!

Written for openMarkers by costales on 2012-05-25

OpenMarkers is reborn as a new project! We were working hard this last month. You'll view all similar, but inside all is different.
In this last year openMarkers had a problem: users enter and if them no found anything, they leave :( The proccess for add places can't be more simple in the previous version with just a few clicks for adding a place.
Then we found a solution. Using OpenStreeMap places! You will find now a lot of places in your city (and if they not exists you can add them directly to
With this change we're getting a lot of good things: Spam is filtered completely by OSM, the places are very accurate (and if not you can edit on OSM), thousands (millions?) of markers by default and further simplify the process of categorizing by price, with just a click on an place and we also have the place name and address.
Unfortunately has a big problem: openMarkers places did not match with the OSM places and what is worse, many are duplicated by a few meters. Have 2 identical places in near distance with the same name is a big incosistence. We decided to refresh all openMarkers places and start from scratch :S We apologize, but after much thought we think that is the best solution.
There are more changes too: replacing MyID by myOpenID (this last was down many times in the last months).
We have simplified the source code for languages, then you ​​must use the web with this format: For the mobile version will be
Translations changed the 80%, so we removed the languages ​​that were not complete and we would appreciate if you can complete them. Thanks in advance!
There are also some bug fixed for Internet Explorer and Safari.
We have also prepared the application for the future Mozilla Store, in which we are very excited.
With that said, you can see that the change was been very BIG.
We hope that now this improvements will generate more hype. We sincerely believe that we are on the right way :) Thank you for supporting us and hope you enjoy this new experience. Cheers!

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