Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Cyborg (OpenStack) zed-rc1 zed 2022-09-16 not yet released
Cyborg (OpenStack) zed-2 zed 2022-09-15 not yet released
Cyborg (OpenStack) zed-3 zed 2022-09-02 not yet released
Cyborg (OpenStack) zed-1 zed 2022-05-20 not yet released
Cyborg (OpenStack) yoga-rc1 yoga 2022-03-11 OpenStack Cyborg yoga-rc1 "yoga-rc1"
Cyborg (OpenStack) yoga-3 yoga 2022-02-25 OpenStack Cyborg yoga-3 "yoga-3"
Cyborg (OpenStack) yoga-2 yoga 2022-01-07 OpenStack Cyborg yoga-2 "yoga-2"
Cyborg (OpenStack) yoga-1 yoga 2021-11-19 OpenStack Cyborg yoga-1 "yoga-1"
Cyborg (OpenStack) xena-rc1 xena 2021-09-16
Cyborg (OpenStack) xena-3 xena 2021-09-02
Cyborg (OpenStack) xena-2 xena 2021-07-15 Merged Specification as below: Add disable/enable device API https://specs.o...
Cyborg (OpenStack) xena-1 xena 2021-05-27