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The OQGRAPH engine is a computation engine plugin for handling hierarchies (trees) and graphs (friend-of-a-friend, etc) cleanly through standard SQL.

OQGRAPH was designed and implemented by Arjen Lentz @ Open Query, as a storage engine plugin for MariaDB. The v2 and v3 implementations are led by Antony Curtis.
All implementations are GPLv2 licenced.

* Documentation at
* Support forum at
* Packaged builds at (MariaDB 5.2 and up) or (MySQL 5.0, old)

* IMPORTANT * Bugs are now tracked in the MariaDB JIRA system: - use the label oqgraph.

MariaDB 5.2 and above uses the v2 implementation (with in-memory non-persistent storage), and for MariaDB 10.0 we're working on the v3 implementation which shims on top of an existing engine (such as InnoDB). While OQGRAPH is a clean plugin, plugins cannot be built outside of a MySQL/MariaDB tree or separate from the main server, due to build environment dependencies. Given that OQGRAPH now only exists within MariaDB, from v3 we simply branch from MariaDB mainline.

If you wish to contribute (either in code or discussion/feedback), please join the oqgraph-dev group and mailing list.
For commercial inquiries, please see

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