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Application development platforms focused on multi-level information modelling approaches.
Implementation languages are Python, Java, Ruby, Lua and C++.

There is now an oship-users group open to anyone interested in exploring OSHIP application development. Answers are only an email away on the mailing list. Please join. The developers also monitor this list.

This project site is being transitioned to an umbrella site for all programming languages for OSHIP implementations.
The OSHIP 1.x branch source code has been moved to the OSHIPpy site:

Installation notes for the Python implementation are described by the FAQ for your operating system at:

For those wanting to contribute code to the project, see also the FAQ at

Thanks for your help.

--Tim Cook

Notice: We are proud to be partially funded by "National Institute of Science and Technology - Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing" INCT-MACC

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GNU GPL v2, GNU LGPL v2.1, Mozilla Public Licence, Python Licence, Zope Public Licence, Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike

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2.0 series is the current focus of development.

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Python, C,Java, Ruby,Lua,C++

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