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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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5 Frank Cizmich
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Bugs Fixed:
Fixed bug 1335960: pt-query-digest could not parse the binlogs from MySQL 5.6 because the binlog format was changed.
Fixed bug 1315130: pt-online-schema-change did not find child tables as expected. It could incorrectly locate tables – tables which reference a table with the same name in a different schema, and could miss tables referencing the altered table – if they were in a different schema..
Fixed bug 1335322: pt-stalk would fail when variable or threshold was a non-integer.
Fixed bug 1258135: pt-deadlock-logger was inserting older deadlocks into the deadlock table even if it was already there, therby creating unnecessary noise. For example, if the deadlock happened 1 year ago, and MySQL keeps it in the memory, pt-deadlock-logger would INSERT it into percona.deadlocks table every minute until server was restarted. This was fixed by comparing with the last deadlock fingerprint before issuing the INSERT query.
Fixed bug 1329422: pt-online-schema-change foreign-keys-method=none can break FK constraints in a way that is hard to recover from. Although this method of handling foreign key constraints is provided so that the database administrator can disable the tool’s built-in functionality if desired, a warning and confirmation request when using alter-foreign-keys-method “none” has been added to warn users when using this option.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1335960 #1335960 pt-query-digest cannot parse binlogs from 5.6 3 High Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1315130 #1315130 pt-online-schema-change not properly detecting foreign keys 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1335322 #1335322 pt-stalk fails when variable or threshold is non-integer 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1258135 #1258135 pt-deadlock-logger introduces a noise to MySQL 5 Low Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1329422 #1329422 pt-osc foreign-keys-method=none breaks constraints 6 Wishlist Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
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