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download icon Plone-4.0.1.exe (md5, sig) Plone 4.0.1 installer for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 9,417
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.0.1.dmg (md5, sig) OS X 10.5/6-Intel Installer for Plone 4.0.1 1,470
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.0.1-UnifiedInstaller.tgz (md5, sig) Unified Installer (full source kit for Linux, BSD ...) for Plone 4.0.1 9,885
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
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Release notes 

Bugfix release for Plone 4.0


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Plone 4.0.1

    Fixed : 'listing' class table sort of first column failed (at third click). [thomasdesvenain]
    Re-add suggestions for 404 pages that were missing in 4.0. [MatthewWilkes]
    Block picking a username already in use by a parent PAS to prevent potential security issues due to collisions. [MatthewWilkes]
    Successful completion of contact form ended in redirect to 'undefined' when using popups. Fixed by just closing. Fixes [smcmahon]
    Fixed i18n of the Upgrade hellip button in [vincentfretin]
    Fix a malformed list comprehension in failsafe_login_form.cpt [esteele]
    Modified script to correctly show contents for z3 style resources, by using portal_css.getInlineResource. This fixes [mr_savage]
    Fixed - prevent content of the types listed in typesUseViewActionInListings from being selected as default pages. [elro]
    Validate new group names using the isMemberIdAllowed method of the registration tool. This fixes [davisagli]

Products.ATContentTypes 2.0.6

    Fixed: album view of a collection of Image items displayed images on three sections (images, folders, others) due to atctListAlbum script bad use of topic API. [thomasdesvenain]
    Changed order of input fields in atct_manageTopicIndex.cpt and atct_manageTopicMetadata.cpt. Checkbox field must not be the first one because http request :records gets messed up otherwise. This fixes [petschki]
    Added browser tests for collection management templates. [petschki]
    Adjusted tests to reflect new sub-collections default policy. [hannosch]

Products.Archetypes 1.6.3

    Fixed TypeError introduced in the previous fix for the selection widget when the passed value was None. [maurits]
    Fixed error in the at_selection_widget view of a SelectionWidget if the vocabulary has integer keys (usually with an IntDisplayList). When a value has been filled in and the form is redisplayed (e.g. due to missing required input on a different field) you would loose the filled in value as it is submitted as a string, which is not in the vocabulary. (Fix forward ported from branch 1.5.) [maurits]

Products.CMFActionIcons 2.1.3

No changes
Products.CMFEditions 2.0.2

    Forward port of a i18n fix from branches/1.2. It's used to create a changeset, the message doesn't seem to appear on the history view though. [vincentfretin]
    Added missing i18n markup to variables in update_version_before_edit.cpy. [WouterVH]
    Changed "version" to "revision" in portal messages. [kleist]

Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool 3.0.1

    Uninstall control panels. [elro]

Products.CMFTestCase 0.9.11

    Fix the cleanup method called by safe_load_site to mark the component registry as uninitialized regardless of whether the flag is in Zope2.App.zcml or Products.Five.zcml. [davisagli]

Products.PasswordResetTool 2.0.3

    Fix the fix to [davisagli]
    Fix string exceptions in pwreset_action.cpy [davisagli]
    Fix userid/login mixup which made it impossible to reset the password in environments where userid and login name are not equal. This fixes Plone ticket 1136. [wichert]

Products.PlonePAS 4.0.3

    Check we have a REQUEST attribute before accessing it in getRolesForPrincipal. [vincentfretin]
    Use safe_unicode to correctly find users with non-ascii properties, regardless of the sys.defaultencoding. This fixes [mr_savage]
    Made last_login_time logic compatible with DateTime 2.12.5. [hannosch]

Products.PloneTestCase 0.9.12

    Fix the cleanup method called by safe_load_site to mark the component registry as uninitialized regardless of whether the flag is in Zope2.App.zcml or Products.Five.zcml. [davisagli]
    Install monkeypatches during test setup. [davisagli]
    Add layer support coming from zope.testrunner and removed from zope.testing [jfroche]

Products.TinyMCE 1.1.4

    Updated translations (zh_TW) [Plone translators]
    Updated translations [Plone translators]
    Fix lang and init files not loaded when @ in URL [jaroel]

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget 2.0

    Fixed i18n of "You are here:". [vincentfretin]
    set a minimum version for jquerytools, to avoid this problem #10939 [do3cc]
    Encode search-URL. Fixes [tom_gross] 1.3

    Adjust tests to the fixed spelling of 'kB'. [witsch]
    Fix the type of blob-based fields so they are distinguishable as blob fields. [davisagli]
    Fix broken migration-forms. [WouterVH]
    Properly close written blobs in all IBlobbable adapters in order to avoid POSKeyErrors. This fixes [jbaach, witsch]
    Allow explicitly setting a mimetype via a keyword passed to the mutator. [davidblewett, kleist, witsch]
    Don't raise AttributeError when calling getSize on empty images. [ggozad, witsch] 2.0.3

    Internationalize event trigger types. [tdesvenain]
    Added user login variable '&u' to use in logger action message template. [tdesvenain]
    Internationalize some values on management pages. [tdesvenain]
    Raises an ImportError in generic setup import if the value for the "event" attribute in contentrules.xml rule element can't be imported. [tdesvenain]
    Fix duplicate rule filter crashed at site root level in Acquisition Wrapper case. This closes [tdesvenain]
    Mail action doesn't add an error log when recipient list is empty, it just doesn't send the mail. [tdesvenain]
    Fix for Chameleon compatibility. [vangheem] 2.0.3

    Increased refresh time interval to 30 seconds for the restart action of the maintenance control panel. [kleist, hannosch]
    Changed some messages in @@ramcache-controlpanel view. [vincentfretin] 1.0.2

    Adjust tests to work with Zope 2.13 and avoid deprecation warnings. [hannosch]
    Show the next viewable item in next/previous viewlet/link, as the behaviour was in Plone 3. This fixes [mr_savage] 2.0.4

    Fixed @@plone_context_state.view_template_id handling of content that does not implement IBrowserDefault (Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI). It was possible for this code to raise Unauthorized even when the user had permission to access the default view of the current context. [mj]
    Avoid conflict in selected tabs when the id of an excluded item starts with the same id of an existing tab. Fixes [WouterVH]
    Translate comment messages on history [tdesvenain]
    'Compare' link is not available if content type is not registered in portal_diff. Fixes [tdesvenain]
    Added icons to related items viewlet for file types Fixes [cwainwright] 1.3.1

    Adjusted tests to no longer rely on sub-collections. [hannosch]
    Use the official aq_get API to acquire the request from a context. [hannosch] 4.0.2

    Reintroducted translations from the 3.x branch for the template after the changes revert. See [vincentfretin]
    Added some new messages from [Plone translators]
    Updated translations. [Plone translators]
    Addons like and are now in the locales-addons folder. [vincentfretin] 2.0.1

    Proper checkup for navigation portlet's title - we don't show it unless the title is explicitly specified. [spliter] 1.0.1

    Add empty profile for 4.0-4.0.1 upgrade. [esteele]
    Avoid relying on the Control_Panel/Products section, as it is no longer used. This closes [hannosch]

plone.browserlayer 2.0.1

    Make sure the layers don't get applied twice if the site is traversed more than once (such as in a vhosting URL). [davisagli]

plone.folder 1.0.1

    Added objectValues and objectItems method to the ordered folder implementation, which use objectIds and thus the ordering information. In Zope 2.13 BTreeFolder2 was optimized to loop over the internal _tree data structure avoiding the objectIds indirection. [hannosch]

plone.stringinterp 1.0.2

    Role email substitution works with user that have role through a group. [tdesvenain]
    Internationalized ${type} substitution. [thomasdesvenain]
    Fixed: get emails for role works with local roles. [thomasdesvenain]

plonetheme.sunburst 1.0.3

    Removed padding from navigation portlet header when it is hidden, so we won't see a small chunk of it. This fixes [cwainwright]
        Worked on fixing up styles for IE8:
        put previous logo settings back (float messes with rtl)
        put in IE spacing fixes (logo, hiddenStructure)
        removed float from div.cell, so livesearch and display menu don't fall behind other items in IE8.
        Closes [cwainwright]
    Removed "line-height: 2em;" from "table.listing a" css rule so the vertical alignment of linked text and non linked text is the same. [vincentfretin]
    Moved icons in drop down "Add new..." menu to right of text for RTL scripts. This fixes [emanlove]
    Moved language selector to the left for RTL scripts. Also reversed margin of the actionMenu for RTL scripts. This fixes [emanlove]
    Fixed state position in the state/transitions menu when it is no clickable. [vincentfretin]
        Worked on fixing up styles for IE7:
        Removed padding on breadcrumb links, so all breadcrumb text displays on one level
        Put in hack to make links with content icons 'display: block' in IE. This fixes the Add New dropdown display, but breaks icon display on .navTreeCurrentItem, so I added zoom to the links. (fyi - the hack was the only way I could find to make this work to override the inline-block, did not work in IEFixes.css)
        Adjusted styles on logo so IE displays it in the correct place
        Refs [cwainwright]

wicked 1.1.9

    Avoid the undeclared libxml2/lxml test dependency with a simplistic regex. [elro]

Zope 2.12.11

DateTime 2.12.4
zope.sendmail 3.5.2

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