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download icon Plone-4.2.2-UnifiedInstaller-Hotfix20121106.tgz (md5, sig) Plone 4.2.2 Unified Installer; Source install kit for Linux/BSD/OS X (Hotfix20121106) 406
last downloaded 32 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2.2-64.dmg (md5, sig) Plone 4.2.2 OS X Binary Installer for Lion and Mountain Lion 130
last downloaded 32 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2.2-UnifiedInstaller-1.tgz (md5, sig) Plone 4.2.2 Unified Installer; Source install kit for Linux/BSD/OS X (installer update 1) 93
last downloaded 32 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2.2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz (md5, sig) Plone 4.2.2 Unified Installer; Source install kit for Linux/BSD/OS X 1,912
last downloaded 32 weeks ago
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plone.recipe.zope2instance: 4.2.3 → 4.2.5

- Added event and access log rotation capability.
- Expose 'drop-cache-rather-verify' ZEO client option which indicates that
  the cache should be dropped rather than verified when the verification
  optimization is not available (e.g. when the ZEO server restarted).
- Strip all empty lines out of zeo.conf to provide more compact view.

plone.recipe.zeoserver: 1.2.2 → 1.2.3

- Adding ability to control output script name for zeopack. Use the
  zeopack-script-name option to change the script name.
- Fix zeopack connection handling. The previous fix to abort after a failed
  connection attempt only worked by chance and caused zeopack to exit before
  the packing finished. Now failed connections are correctly detected and
  zeopack waits until the packing is finished.

distribute: 0.6.27 → 0.6.28

simplejson: 2.5 → 2.5.2

Plone: 4.2.1 → 4.2.2

- Release Plone 4.2.2

Products.ATContentTypes: 2.1.8 → 2.1.9

- Silence false security warning during startup complaining about
- Notify modified when an image is transformed
  through transform image tab.
  This updates modification date and refresh Etag.
- add @@download view for IFileContent
- Implement ISyndicatable for folder and topic in 4.3

Products.Archetypes: 1.8.3 → 1.8.4

- Add support for non-KSS-based inline validation.
- Fixed some problems with IntDisplayList.
- Update object creation date on paste; closes .
- Import getBrain from Products.ZSQLMethods and declare dependency for Zope
  trunk compatibility.
- Always add alt to image when shown in file widget

Products.CMFCore: 2.2.6 → 2.2.7

- Added dependency on
- Removed testing dependency on
- Deprecated aliases were replaced on tests.
- Add GenericSetup export/import support for type information action

Products.CMFDefault: 2.2.2 → 2.2.3

- Fixed explicitly disabling discussion on a content item.
- Declared extra dependency on
- Added a '' file.
- Made 'Document' tolerant of missing 'rest-header-level' in 'zope.conf'.
- Fixed tests broken when PAS began returning the user from '_doAddUser'.

Products.CMFDiffTool: 2.0 → 2.0.1

- Adjust test assertions to match new diff output in Python 2.7.

Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI: 4.0.2 → 4.0.3

- Import from zope.browsermenu.

Products.CMFEditions: 2.2.5 → 2.2.6

- Update IPossibleSite import to zope.component.

Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow: 1.5.7 → 1.5.8

- Fixed updating Role Mappings only in current folder.
- Added 'CMFPlacefulWorkflow: Manage workflow policies' permission.
  ManageWorkflowPolicies is no longer 'Manage portal', it's now assigned to
  'CMFPlacefulWorkflow: Manage workflow policies'.
- Fixed add workflow policy template (via ZMI).
- Fixed descriptions under for sections
  "For this folder" and "Below this folder".
- Added "update security" as an option field on local configuration management
  form, as in most cases updating catalog role mappings can be a very long
  operation and is better to be made as a separate upgrade step.

Products.GenericSetup: 1.7.2 → 1.7.3

- Profiles are sorted on Upgrade form.
- Use clickable labels with checkboxes on import, export and upgrade forms
  to improve usability.

Products.PasswordResetTool: 2.0.8 → 2.0.9

- Changed deprecated getSiteEncoding to hardcoded utf-8

Products.PluggableAuthService: 1.8 → 1.9

- Launchpad #649596: add a protocol for plugins which check whether a
  non-top-level PAS instance is "competent" to authenticate a given request;
  if not, the instance defers to higher-level instances. Thanks to Dieter
  Maurer for the patch.

Products.PortalTransforms: 2.0.7 → 2.1.1

- Do not try to handle invalid tags : we take for granted that html coming out
  of converters do not hold any of embed, script, object or applet tags.
- Avoid throwing exceptions on js attrs and invalid tags in word_to_html
- Handle charrefs & entityrefs in data and attributes equaly (unchanged)
  if converting to safe_html

Products.ResourceRegistries: 2.2.1 → 2.2.3

- Don't break if the site doesn't have a portal_kss registry.
- Changed deprecated getSiteEncoding to hardcoded utf-8

archetypes.querywidget: 1.0.4 → 1.0.6

- Fixed link path reference of querywidget.js for the qunit tests
- Improved multiselection widget readability by sorting its returned values
- Fixed overly long selection lists by displaying scrollbars for multiselection
- Fixed conditional initialization of querywidget,
  see [kroman0]
- fixed raw get returns persistent
  querystring on .get(context, raw=True)

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget: 2.4.12 → 2.4.13

- Restored a "view" link on linkable items (as with Plone 3):
  It will open a preview of the element in a popup window.
- Fixed referenced elements sort order on widget view.
- Take search_index into account while used in popup search form.

collective.z3cform.datetimewidget: 1.2 → 1.2.1

diazo: 1.0.1 → 1.0.2
-------------------- 1.5.2 → 1.5.4

- Create a transaction savepoint after setting a blob's value in order to
  make it available at its temporary path (within the same transaction).
- Update mutator to take care of filename in keyword args.
- Check for unicode filename first in index_html.
  [vangheem] 1.1 → 1.1.1

- Nothing changed yet. 1.0.5 → 1.0.6

- Avoid site error on thumbnail view if some scale generation have failed.
- Avoid site error on summary view if some scale generation have failed.
- Provide a synContentValues method for compatibility with syndication
  in Plone <= 4.2.
- Added a validator 'isInt' to field limit for the purpose avoid a exception
- Fix the limit of number of items to show in batch results
  see [hersonrodrigues]
- Implement ISyndicatable for 4.3
  [vangheem] 2.0.11 → 2.0.12

- Backported remove hard dep on ATContentTypes commit from master branch
  in order for to be able to use folder_contents.
  See the github comment for more
  [ichimdav] 1.0.1 → 1.0.2

- Nothing changed yet. 2.1.8 → 2.1.9

- Change mail template to use hex for curly brackets so that it doesn't barf when
  used with chameleon. This is a short term fix until
  is appropriately fixed.
- Notify user with error message instead of a core dump if they set up a content
  mail action without the mailer set up. Prevents users from throwing computer out
  of window when they click save and all their hard entered data is gone.
  [eleddy] 2.2.8 → 2.2.9

- Fixed issue with email_from_name set as string instead of unicode
  This fixes
- Fixed issue with non-ascii Workflow titles breaking types
  control panel.
  [ericof] 2.1.7 → 2.1.8

- No more recursive came_from redirection after logged_in.
  [kcleong, huubbouma]
- Danish translation updated.
- Documentation and howtos updated.
- Remove development buildout files and directories.
  [timo] 2.1.1 → 2.1.2

- Fix handling of timezones for dates before 1970 on platforms where
  time.localtime cannot handle negative values (such as Windows).
  [mj] 2.1.7 → 2.1.8

- Unmark both the baseline and the working copy on checkin so that dexterity
  content is properly unmarked.
  [cewing] 1.4.6 → 1.4.7

- Fixes UnicodeDecodeError on extractLinks
  This closes
  [ericof] 2.2.6 → 2.3.6

- Allow for the root content item icon in the navigation portlet to be
  displayed with CSS or an img tag.
- Fix inheritance hierarchy of IPortletForm to reflect usage in z3cformhelper.
- Tweak z3c.form add/edit forms to disable edit bar and columns.
- Portlets are now registered for IDefaultPortletManager by default to allow
  for easier creation of custom portlet managers with restricted portlets.
- Fix ManagePortletsViewlet to work with KSS.
- Fix ManagePortletsViewlet to work with Plone 4+.
- Fix 'This portlet display a'.
- reverted change: refactory nested tal:conditions in, merged into
  one tal:condition in ul tag.
- add contenttype class to the a tag, like navigation
- Don't break TinyMCE on editing parent-portlets (fixes
- Inside Review portlet display footer link only to Reviewers.
  Closes ticket
- Use type instead of makeClass for Zope 4 compatibility.
- Add safety check for portletHeader links [davilima6]
- Fix packaging error.
- Calendar portlet links to @@search ( view instead of
- When navigation portlet has an explicit custom root set, clicking the portlet heading
  goes to this content item instead of the global sitemap.
  (Plone doesn't support section sitemaps) [miohtama]
- If navigation portlet bottom level is set to a negative value, don't query navigation items at all,
  only display portlet header and footer [miohtama]
- In the portlet management interface display the assigned name of the navigation portlet if it
  has one [miohtama]
- Calendar portlet search URLs whitelist only Event portal_type in the
  querystring, prevents non-event types from accidentally being
  included in calendar results. [seanupton]
- Navigation portlet template renders a non-site navigation root content
  item with its apporpriate content icon, reserving the Plone site icon
  CSS sprite for default use by a site only. [seanupton]
- portlets/, portlets/
  Don't use list as default parameter value.
- refactory nested tal:conditions in, merged into
  one tal:condition in ul tag.
- Add link to @@manage-portlets to go up to the parent folder staying in manage-portlets view
- Make it possible to create portlets using z3c.form.
  [ggozad] 1.0.5 → 1.0.6

- _relativePath handler can now walk through the site structure (not only upwards)
  _path handler respects absolute paths without leading nav_root path
  [petschki] 1.0.4 → 1.0.6

- JavaScript now correctly obeys navigation root for searches, obtained via
  meta tag set in
- Search.filter_query() checks for any valid indexes specified in request
  to prevent empty catalog searches, instead of limiting searches to
  require either SearchableText or Subject query. This is more permissive,
  but accomplishes the same goal with better generality (possibly allowing
  various cases including the calendar portlet using to @@search, instead
  of deprecated in Products.CMFPlone).
- Define navigation_root_url in when used in search-results
  [seanupton] 1.2.1 → 1.2.2

- Add upgrade step to make sure the registry record for ResourceRegistries
  bundles is installed.
  [davisagli] 1.1.3 → 1.1.4

- Fix to not break if passwords contain non-ASCII characters.
  This closes
- Ensure links on user preference panes adhere to navigation root.
- Avoid direct dependency.
- Support redirecting to a URL specified in the 'came_from' query string
  parameter following registration.
- Be consistent in using INavigationRoot.
  [do3cc] 2.1.7 → 2.1.8

- Make KeywordsVocabulary work with unicode and non-unicode vocabularies.
- Fix exceptions with workflow states/transitions titles when their titles
  contained encoded characters [ericof]
- Fix exception with workflow vocabulary when workflow titles contained UTF-8 encoded
  characters [miohtama]
- Add syndication feed types vocabulary
  [vangheem] 2.0.7 → 2.0.8

- Refactor: we can easily customize the sharing view
  so that add/remove inherit field is removed.
- Search on email address within the Sharing view.
  [davidjb] 0.6 → 0.6.1

- Fix the single checkbox widget to cope with widgets with a __call__ method.

plone.autoform: 1.2 → 1.3

- Avoid dependency on z3c.form.testing.

plone.browserlayer: 2.1.1 → 2.1.2

- Add support for calling many times remove in export (ie:even when no corresponding layer is registred, remove option should not throw exception).

plone.folder: 1.0.2 → 1.0.4

- Update to fix packaging error.
- In, name more dependencies explicitly.

plone.i18n: 2.0.1 → 2.0.3

- Removed unknown cctld entry for um.
- Added new cctld entries for: asia, kp, ss and xxx.
- Added new country codes and flags for: bl, bq, cw, mf, ss and sx.
- Clarify and test availability of reserved country codes an and cs.
- Clarify and test availability of deprecated language codes mo and sh.
- Removed invalid me language code added in 2007. me is only a country code.
- Correct language code for Javanese from jw to jv.
- Added missing ISO-639-1 language codes: ae, ak, an, bm, ce, ch, cr, cu, cv,
  dv, ee, ff, ho, ht, hz, ig, ii, io, kg, ki, kj, kr, kv, lg, lu, mh, nb, ng,
  nv, ny, oj, os, pi, sc, vk.
- URLNormalizer should remove all ignored characters before making any
- Added three new countries and its corresponding flags. Also updated
  the internet top level domains list. Added countries are Kosovo,
  Montenegro and Serbia.
- Fixed tests not to fail when a new country, language or domain is added.
- Avoid infinite loop if buggy queryUtility() returns normalizer instance
  of wrong class. Fixes
  [patch by Sardtok, applied by kleist]

plone.portlet.collection: 2.1.1 → 2.1.2

- Fix 'This portlet display a'.

plone.supermodel: 1.1.1 → 1.1.3

- Use elementtree again. lxml will be used in 1.2.x
- Avoid a test dependency on
- Use lxml instead of elementtree.

plone.testing: 4.0.4 → 4.0.6

- Update to include content in src directory.
- Fixed an issue where a query string would be unquoted twice; once
  while setting up the HTTP request and once in the handler (the

plone.z3cform: 0.7.8 → 0.8

- Use form action URL as given by the view, instead of implementing it
  in the template as a call to the getURL method of the request.

plonetheme.classic: 1.2.3 → 1.2.4

- Add selector for AT required field icon, as done in Sunburst 1.2.4.
- Remove comments referencing an old plone_tableless skin layer.

plonetheme.sunburst: 1.2.7 → 1.2.8

- style fixes for new style of portlet manager buttons

z3c.formwidget.query: 0.8 → 0.9

- Avoid test dependency on
- Remove unused dependency on

five.intid: 1.0.2 → 1.0.3

mocker: 1.1 → 1.1.1
------------------- 1.1 → 1.2
---------------------------------- 1.1 → 1.2.1

plone.formwidget.contenttree: 1.0.5 → 1.0.6

plone.formwidget.namedfile: 1.0.2 → 1.0.3

plone.schemaeditor: 1.2 → 1.2.1

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