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download icon Plone-4.2rc1-lion.dmg (md5, sig) Plone 4.2rc1 OS X Binary Installer for Lion 47
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2rc1-UnifiedInstaller-20120604.tgz (md5, sig) Plone 4.2rc1 Unified Installer; Source install kit for Linux/BSD/OS X (updated 2012-06-04) 54
last downloaded 44 weeks ago
download icon Plone-4.2rc1-UnifiedInstaller.tgz (md5, sig) Unified Installer for Plone 4.2rc1; source kit for Linux/BSD/OS X/Unix 117
last downloaded 5 days ago
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collective.recipe.omelette: 0.12 → 0.13

mr.developer: 1.18 → 1.21

plone.recipe.zope2instance: 4.2 → 4.2.1

- Add control script debug and run support to set up a REQUEST,
  log in the AccessControl.SpecialUsers.system user, and traverse to
  an object, such as a CMF portal.

z3c.ptcompat: 1.0 → 1.0.1

z3c.template: 1.4 → 1.4.1

experimental.cssselect: 0.1 → 0.3

lxml: 2.3.3 → 2.3.4

mailinglogger: 3.4.1 → 3.7

repoze.xmliter: 0.4 → 0.5

- Add __len__ to serializer to help WSGI servers.
- Serializer should iter the entire string in one go.

simplejson: 2.1.6 → 2.5

Products.ATContentTypes: 2.1.6 → 2.1.7

- Restored icon display in topic tabular view

Products.Archetypes: 1.7.12 → 1.7.14

- removed hardcoded required icon. It can and should be set by CSS as it is done
  in the formTabs
- added 'placeholder' support for StringWidget, DecimalWidget and IntegerWidget
- Make sure inline editing calls target the
  id="parent-fieldname-$fieldName-$UID" on text fields.

Products.CMFCore: 2.2.5 → 2.2.6

- Avoid a shallow dependency on Products.ZReST. (Merged [122078])
- DirectoryView: Improved debug mode speed on NTFS partitions. The
  much faster non-Windows implementation is now used on Windows as
  well if non-FAT32 time stamps are detected. In rare cases that
  heuristic approach might fail to detected NTFS partitions.
  (Merged [120174])

Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool: 3.0.5 → 3.0.6

- Fixed a bug where products installed via a GenericSetup profile would
  record the installed items from all of the profile's dependencies.
  This would then result in too much being removed when the product
  was uninstalled.
- Add some missing test setup.
- Remove InstalledProduct instance when a product is uninstalled.
  Leaving the instance around can prevent settings from being stored
  properly on subsequent installation of the product.

Products.contentmigration: 2.0.3 → 2.1.1

- Migrate marker interfaces.
- Migrate extension fields too (archetypes.schemaextender).
- Use obj.__parent__ instead of obj getParentNode() for Zope trunk
- Add support for a limit option for the catalog based walkers, so it only
  tries to load up to limit items at a time, defaulting to no limit.
- Catch attribute errors during brain.getObject and log them instead of
  breaking the upgrade.

Products.ExtendedPathIndex: 2.9 → 3.0

- Fixed TypeError on insert when parent_path is not in the index_parents.
- Better protection against corrupted internal data in _index_parents.
- Slightly optimize reindexing an object by passing in information from the
  index to the unindex method and avoiding another unindex scan.
- Avoid an extra unindex scan for determining length changes in index_object.
- Declared support for new ILimitedResultIndex interface and require at least
  Zope 2.13.0a3.
- Merge in optimizations from experimental.catalogqueryplan.
- PEP8 cleanup and minor optimizations in un/index code.
- Specify distribution dependencies.

Products.GenericSetup: 1.7 → 1.7.1

- Restored the ability to make the setup tool use only import / export
  steps explicitly called out by the current profile, ignoring any which
  might be globally registered. This is particularly useful for configuring
  sites with baseline profiles, where arbitrary add-on steps are not only
  useless, but potentially damaging.

Products.PlonePAS: 4.0.11 → 4.0.13

- Require ListPortalMembers permission for searchForMembers
  so anonymous users can not get a list of site users.
- Make sure that during registration you can change your member
  portrait (if this has been enabled the member registration config).

Products.PloneTestCase: 0.9.13 → 0.9.14

- Install packages earlier so test setup for new collections works
  correctly in Plone 4.2.
- Fail explicitly (instead of obscurely) if there is no Plone.

Products.PluggableAuthService: 1.7.7 → 1.7.8

- In authenticateCredentials do NOT fall back to using the login as
  userid when there is no match, as that gives a high chance of
  seeming to log in successfully, but in reality failing.

Products.ResourceRegistries: 2.0.6 → 2.1.1

- Added theme-parameter for getResourceContent for JavaScriptRegistry.
  Even if it is unused it now allows the same arguments as the
- Added support for OFS.Image.File-objects using OFS.Image.PData
  This fixes
- Use iterative magic number generation based on the properties of all
  included resources (for each concatenated resource).

  This fixes an issue with external caches where resources for
  different content would sometimes get assigned the same resource id
  (due to the previous implementation using a random integer), making
  it impossible to cache a resource correctly without additional
- Add bundle concept - a bundle is a string tag against a resource, which can
  be used to filter resources by theme. Each theme has a list of enabled
  bundles, managed on the 'Bundles' tab in the ZMI (note that this is global).
- Fix handling of the purge attribute on import.
- Add time element. This is necessary for the generated ids to update
  on any save, to reflect possible updates in the served content.
- Fixed ZMI screens to render for resources containing query strings in their
  ids, like found in the plone.session refresh support.

Products.TinyMCE: 1.2.10 → 1.2.12

- Add a missing nocall to prevent accidental rendering of the
  object passed to the widget.
- Fix accidental dependency on plone.namedfile.
- Fix original scale (dexterity-based images need 'my_image/@@images/image'
  instead of just 'my_image')
- Allow upload of dexterity based images. This is aimed at but should work with all dexterity bases-images.
- Fixed AttributeError: NoneType object has no attribute
  physicalPathToURL when getRequest cannot get a request. Use the
  REQUEST from the context in that case.
- Determine mimetype correctly for RichText widgets with
  ignoreContext = True (such as on add forms).
  (Requires >= 1.1.1)
- Removed comma at the end of a dict in tiny_mce_init.js. This fixes javascript
  error on IE7. This was broken in 1.2.10.

archetypes.querywidget: 1.0.1 → 1.0.2

- Accept an optional 'brains' parameter for the field's get method which
  says to return normal catalog results instead of an IContentListing.
- Show currently-selected sort index.
- Move querywidget widgets into browser views so we're not redefining the
  same template code in 3 places.
- Add a relative date widget.
- Fix errors in widget's dict access in edit template.
- Render the "Remove line" via a view instead of creating it in javascript,
  so that we can localize it.

archetypes.referencebrowserwidget: 2.4.10 → 2.4.11

- Fixed breadcrumbs internationalization in popup.

collective.testcaselayer: 1.3 → 1.4

collective.z3cform.datetimewidget: 1.0.5 → 1.1.1

five.customerize: 1.0.2 → 1.0.3

- Fix bug which prevented authorization of TTW views in Zope 2.12+
  [davisagli] 1.0.1 → 1.0.3

- Fix packaging issue.
- Handle caching of resource registries in RAM cache by not storing empty
  bodies in the RAMCache
  [eleddy with major tseaver support] 1.0.2 → 1.0.3
----------------------------------- 2.0.7 → 2.0.10

- In allow properly sorting on modification date, by adding a
  class like sortabledata-2012-04-03-10-37-27.
- Namechooser: Attempt to return an id with timestamp before returning a
  value error after 100 id check attempts.
- Namechooser: Pass the parent object to the Plone check_id script so
  it can detect duplicates.
- Namechooser: Use the Zope ObjectManager _checkId method to check
  new ids when possible, to avoid errors when adding invalid
  ids not caught by the old check. This fixes
  [davisagli] 1.0 → 1.0.1

- Change ContentTypeClass to return contenttype-{portal_type} to match
  what the rest of Plone expects. This fixes sprite based icons for
  [gaudenz] 2.1.4 → 2.1.5

- Fixed <link /> element wasn't closed in controlpanel.
  [mjpieters] 2.2.3 → 2.2.4

- Don't display an empty list element if the control panel item isn't visible.
- Restore the ILockSettings support using the
  EditingControlPanelAdapter. This may affect (IOW,
  formlib) forms whose subscribers call
  [rossp] 2.1.3 → 2.1.5

- Redirect to "/view" for Image, File and anything listed as requiring
  a view in the url to properly display comments.
- Make comments and controlpanel views more robust, so they don't break if no
  workflow is assigned to the 'Discussion Item' content type.
- Warning message added to discussion control panel that shows up if there are
  unmigrated comments.
- Make topic/collection tests pass when is installed.
- Revert modification date since this is fixed in p.a.caching now.
- Add missing meta_typ to "Review comments" portal action.
  [batlock666] 1.0.5 → 1.0.6

- Avoid loading an image scale object in order to generate a tag. It's
  expensive because it loads the image data into memory. The
  documentation has been updated to reflect that this is the most
  efficient usage of the API. 2.1.4 → 2.1.5

- Don't declare IIterateAware as an extension of Archetypes' IReferenceable,
  because there are other implementations (such as the one for Dexterity)
  that don't use Archetypes references.
- Make sure permissions of working copy workflow get applied when checking
  out content, fixes
  [anthonygerrard] 2.2.5 → 2.2.6

- Move .row and .cell styles from to Sunburst main_template.
- Add link targets for all action based links. The target can be
  configured on a per-action basis.
  [rpatterson] 1.4.4 → 1.4.5

- Fix an error in handling absolute links to objects within the portal,
  which prevented references from being created based on those links.
  This closes
- Stabilize the sort order of breach sources returned for the
  confirmation view.
- Use the get method to retrieve the field value if the instance
  does not provide an accessor method. This is the case for instance
  for fields which have been added via schema extension.
- Support resolveuid/UID references explicitely, by parsing and resolving
  these ourselves instead of relying on a view or script (which doesn't work).
  This fixes linkintegrity for sites with link-by-uid turned on.
  This closes
  [mj] 4.0.11 → 4.0.12

- Updated translations.
- Added messages for new collection type for Plone 4.2 2.2.3 → 2.2.5

- Changed the permission for members to be able to add portlets
  to their dashboards. ( )
  [credits to buchi and jstegle, applied and tests by frapell]
- Prevent buggy RSS feed to break page display.
  [patch by dieter, applied by kleist]
- Fix inherited local portlets for objects allowing locally-assigned
  portlets which are contained by an object that does not. [mitchellrj] 1.0.1 → 1.0.4

- Fixed i18n of "Before today" operator and
  "x items matching your search terms.".
- Add an optional 'brains' parameter to the query builder to obtain
  results not wrapped as an IContentListing.
- Declare all dependencies in to resolve a dependeny problem in
  test setups, where the Plone stack isn't fully loaded.
- Add a "today" date operator
- Internationalize strings in the registry.
- Change relative date searching to be "N days" string based rather than
  datetime based.
- Handle empty values on relative date fields.
- Change the Creator field to use the correct query operation for filtering
  on the current logged in user.
  This fixes
- Limit number of items that show up in the preview of the edit view to 25.
  If we do not limit these results all items in the query will be rendered in
  the preview which leads to problems when the collection contains > 10k
  [timo] 1.1.2 → 1.1.3

- Support parts of views e.g. mypage/@@myview/somepart
- #12354 will redirect based on the query string as well as path if query_string
  stored. [djay]
- #9967 will append the same query string after redirecting to be more tracker
  friendly. [djay]
- #12858 first suggestion on not found page can be unsuitable
  [anthonygerrard] 1.0.1 → 1.1

- Add support for internationalization of strings imported into the
  [davisagli] 4.0.2 → 4.2

- Branch as 4.2 as the addition breaks backwards
- Fixed spurious failure in our own tests by using a longer timeout.
- added to PloneFixture.
  [timo] 1.0b8 → 1.0

- Prevent AttributeError when getRequest returns None.
- Calculate subrequests against navigation root rather than portal.
- Supply closest context found for 404 pages.
- Lookup portal state with correct context.
- Patch App.Management.Navigation to disable theming of ZMI pages.
  [elro] 2.1.5 → 2.1.6

- Made our mock queryUtility in the tests more life like. This avoids
  test failures in combination with zope.pagetemplate 3.6.0 or higher.
  [maurits] 0.5.7 → 0.5.8

- Prevent empty error divs from being generated if errors are already associated
  with a field.

plone.autoform: 1.0 → 1.2

- Moved form schema directives here from plone.directives.form, and
  reimplemented them as plone.supermodel directives to avoid depending on
  grok. Included directives: omitted, no_omit, mode, widget, order_before,
  order_after, read_permission, write_permission
- Added the AutoObjectSubForm class to support form hints for
  object widget subforms.

plone.outputfilters: 1.1 → 1.2

- Prevent transformation of links to anchors on the same page.
- Fixed undefined uuid variable in kupu_resolveuid_hook branch
  in resolveuid view.
- Make sure links to expired objects can still be resolved by the resolveuid view.
- alt/title attributes on img tags were not present if tinymce uid linking was not used
- When making relative URIs absolute, use the parent as the relative
  root when the context is not folderish. Fixes an issue where
  relative URLs from Plone 3, for example, had the wrong URLs under
  Plone 4 when a default page was used for a folder.
- Fixed testing error when packaged with a missing README.rst.

plone.portlet.collection: 2.0.4 → 2.1

- Support new-style collections a la

plone.resource: 1.0b6 → 1.0

- Add __setitem__() support for writeable resource directories.

plone.subrequest: 1.6.2 → 1.6.5

- Ensure parent url is a string and not unicode.
- Fix problems with double encoding some unicode charse by not copying too
  many other variables.
- Copy other request variables such as LANGUAGE to subrequest.

plone.supermodel: 1.0.3 → 1.1.1

- Fix a packaging error.
- Support i18n:domain and i18n:translate for internationalization.
- When an error is encountered while parsing a supermodel, the exception
  now provides the filename, line number, and source of the part of the
  model that was being processed. Inclusion of the line number and source
  requires lxml.
- Add model.Schema and directives to avoid grok dependency.
- When syncing to a schema that inherits fields from a base, include fields
  with the same names as the inherited fields even when overwrite is False.
  This fixes

plonetheme.sunburst: 1.2.2 → 1.2.4

- Add selector for AT required field icon
- Use CSS :content selector to inject required icon instead of image
- Move .row and .cell styles from to Sunburst main_template.
- fix 'device-width;" for key "width" not recognized in chrome' in javascript console
- Fix view windw error in chrome
  [plone konferenz coding dojo]

z3c.formwidget.query: 0.5 → 0.8

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