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Pybik is a 3D puzzle game about the cube invented by Ernő Rubik.

* Different 3D puzzles: cubes, towers, bricks, tetrahedra - up to 10x10x10
* Solvers for some puzzles
* Pretty patterns
* Editor for move sequences
* Changeable colors and images

Pybik is in the official repositories of Debian and Ubuntu.
The latest release is available in the Ubuntu-PPA:

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B. Clausius
B. Clausius
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trunk series 

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Python, Cython, GLSL

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Pybik trunk series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 2.0
released on 2015-04-27

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  • Pybik 2.0 released! on 2015-04-27
    * New puzzle: Tetrahedron * New solution: Beginner's method * Added move tran...
  • Pybik 1.1.1 released! on 2014-02-11
    * New and updated translations * Misc bugfixes and improvements
  • Pybik 1.1 released! on 2013-06-16
    * Rendering engine now uses modern OpenGL - should be faster on most sy...
  • Pybik 1.0.1 released! on 2013-02-02
    * Minor improvements and bugfixes * Updated translations
  • Pybik 1.0 released! on 2013-01-08
    * Improved user interface. * Added Towers and Bricks (non cubic puzzles)....