Written for python-mode.el by Andreas Roehler on 2012-06-20

New in version 6.0.9

- autopair-mode delivered
  Credits to Joao Tavora
  see for details

- Syntax highlighting in Python-shell buffers enabled
  boolean `py-fontify-shell-buffer-p', default is nil

- py-add-abbrev, new command
  Similar to `add-mode-abbrev', but uses
  `py-partial-expression' before point for expansion to
  store, not `word'. Also provides a proposal for new

  Proposal for an abbrev is composed from the downcased
  initials of expansion - provided they are of char-class

  For example code below would be recognised as a
  `py-expression' composed by three


  Putting the curser at the EOL, M-3 M-x py-add-abbrev

  would prompt "op" for an abbrev to store, as first
  `py-partial-expression' beginns with a "(", which is
  not taken as proposal.

- py-edit-abbrevs
  Jumps to `python-mode-abbrev-table'

- modeline enhanced
  when a path/to/my/favoured/Python is given with `py-shell-name'
  the Python-shell buffer before would display

  *ND path/to/my/favoured/Python*


  *ptmfP Python*

  boolean `py-modeline-display-full-path-p'
  boolean `py-modeline-acronym-display-home-p'
  If the modeline acronym should contain chars indicating the home-directory.

- mode-line indicates "Py" by default
  customize `python-mode-modeline-display'

- Pymacs intergration dropped from trunk
  conflicts with classic install being reported

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