Written for python-mode.el by Andreas Roehler on 2012-08-14

New in version 6.0.11

- improved Pymacs based code completion:
  - Completion of symbols from imported modules, functions, classes,
    module/class-level data members and instance variables in the current
    buffer. The information for this completion is updated whenever the file
    is saved.
  - Completion of local variables and function parameters.
  - Type deduction from constructor calls and literals.
  - Show help for modules, classes and functions.
  - Go to definition of modules, classes and functions.
  - Show signature of functions.
  - Support for auto-complete and company.

- remote shell support

- extended version of smart-operator added
  original smart-operator.el authored by
  William Xu <>

- py-electric-colon extended
  if `py-electric-colon-newline-and-indent-p' is non-nil,
  `py-electric-colon' calls `newline-and-indent'

- boolean `py-no-completion-calls-dabbrev-expand-p'
  If completion function should call dabbrev-expand
  when no completion found. Default is `t'

- boolean `py-shell-prompt-read-only', default t
  sets `comint-prompt-read-only', avoid unintentional edits

- customizable history variables/files
  py-python-history defaults to "~/.python_history"
  py-ipython-history defaults to "~/.ipython/history"

  If py-honor-PYTHONHISTORY-p is `t', $PYTHONHISTORY takes precedence, default is nil
  If py-honor-IPYTHONDIR-p is `t', $IPYTHONHISTORY precedes, default is nil

- customizable boolean `py-trailing-whitespace-smart-delete-p'
  Default is nil. Some commands may delete trailing
  whitespaces by the way. When editing other peoples
  code, this may produce a larger diff than expected

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