Pythoscope 0.3.2 released

Written for Pythoscope by Michal Kwiatkowski on 2008-10-19

Just as promised, after a week of work, Pythoscope 0.3.2 is ready. This is the second bugfix release in the 0.3 series. The most important improvement is making Pythoscope more verbose. It should be much more clear now what Pythoscope does during test generation. Big thanks to Paul Hildebrandt for implementing this feature!

To install/update get the source package from and run:

  $ python install

or simply use setuptools:

  $ easy_install pythoscope==0.3.2

Full summary of changes:
* Made Pythoscope more verbose (
* Added support for user-defined exceptions (
* Fixed unicode handling bug (>).
* Improved performance of the internal information storage.

Updated on 2008-10-19.

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