Pythoscope 0.2.2 released

Written for Pythoscope by Michal Kwiatkowski on 2008-09-03

This release contains both bug fixes and new features. Our recent development focused on answering a question "how can I use Pythoscope continuously"? As a form of an answer, from now on Pythoscope analyzes test modules and uses this information to avoid generating duplicate test cases. It can also safely append new test cases to existing ones, without overwriting any modifications a user may have made so far.

Please note that this release is not backwards-compatible in regards to .pythoscope file, so be sure to remove any old .pythoscope files generated by 0.2.1 or earlier before using the new version.

Full summary of changes:

* Fixed the inner classes bug (#260924).
* Collector appends new data to .pythoscope file instead of overwriting it.
* Test modules are being analyzed as well.
* Using lib2to3 for static code analysis instead of stdlib's compiler module.
* Generator can append test cases to existing test modules. Preserves comments and original whitespace.
* Cheetah is no longer a dependency.
* Renamed 'collect' command to 'inspect'.

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