pyvst 0.1

Support for the basic VST commands

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Matthieu Brucher
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Release notes 

PyVST 0.1 uses ctypes for dynamically loading a VST plugin. It thus provides a Python interface to the VST standard.

Version 0.1 provides basic access to the VST interface, as well as a script to analyze and display the audio process of a plugin.


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- Uses the VST dispatcher for several functions:
  - processReplacing
  - processDoubleReplacing
  - open/close the plugin
  - open/close the GUI editor
  - returns the GUI rectangle
  - set the sample rate
  - set the block size
  - get name/vendor/product
  - handle programs
  - handle parameters
  - suspend/resume
- set/get a parameter
- get number of programs
- get number of inputs
- get number of outputs
- script
  - can load any plugin
  - displays the editor, if it exists
  - uses a stereo sine-sweep
  - displays a spectrogram of the process of the stereo sine-sweep
  - dumps properties information

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