QBzr 0.22.4 released

Written for QBzr by Alexander Belchenko on 2012-07-12

On behalf of QBzr developers I'd like to announce maintenance release
of QBzr 0.22.4. QBzr 0.22 series is companion to bzr 2.5 series.

Maintenance release.

 * qlog:
   * Disable context menu items (view, annotate, save) for deleted files.
     (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #1009876)
   * Fix - Some menus (show tree, view, annotate) don't work when Working
     tree revision selected.
     (IWATA Hidetaka, Bug #1020530)
   * Some menus (tag, update, revert, ...) are disabled when Working tree
     revision selected.
     (IWATA Hidetaka, Bug #1020530)
   * Fixing issue: Working tree revision is never refreshed.
     (IWATA Hidetaka, Bug #1021076)


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