QBzr 0.23.1 released

Written for QBzr by Alexander Belchenko on 2013-07-28

On behalf of QBzr developers I'd like to announce maintenance release
of QBzr 0.23.1. QBzr 0.23 series is companion to bzr 2.6 series and compatible with bzr 2.5.

Maintenance release.

 * qannotate:
   * option --line=N: properly activate the first line and a line with
     uncommitted changes. (Alexander Belchenko)
 * qcommit:
   * Better support of cancel commit for foreign branches (git/svn/etc).
     (Bug #1030343, Jared Silva, Jelmer Vernooij)
 * qconfig:
   * Fix: Fails to modify or remove merge tool configuration.
     (IWATA Hidetaka, Bug #1045827)
 * qlog:
   * Support for FusionForge bug tracker. (Jérémy Subtil, Bug #1072044)
   * Support for Jira bug tracker. (Craig Hewetson, Bug #1189421)
   * Support for Flyspray bug tracker URLs (2 styles). (Alexander Belchenko)
   * Hack for Vista/Win7 aero style: selected rows should use black text
     color. (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #790590)
   * Workaround for date column width problem on Windows Vista and higher
     (1 pixel miscalculation). (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #430502)


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