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Authorization and users support.

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Version Expected Released Summary
qutim-site 7.0 "Usefulness" 2013-01-12 2013-03-03 UI fixes after users support launch
qutim-site 6.0 "vika" 2012-02-11 2012-06-14 Integration with dokuwiki.
qutim-site 5.5 "cholovik" 2012-02-08 2012-05-01 Userinfo page. If the user is allowed to edit the info (at the moment only ad...
qutim-site 5.0 "phuorum" 2012-01-30 2012-02-01 Integration with phpbb. We should provide authorization, registration and as ...
qutim-site 4.0 "ideal" 2012-01-27 2012-01-26 Everything should work ideally: - registration turn on and turn off should re...
qutim-site 3.0 "web-interface" 2012-01-25 2012-01-21 At this point there should be an authorization field at the site (or block, d...
qutim-site 2.0 "registration" 2012-01-22 2012-01-20 There should be a registration page (hidden at this stage) to register users....
qutim-site 1.0 "authorize" 2012-01-20 2012-01-20 Working authorization. One should be able to send an HTTP request and authori...
18 of 8 results

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