rbpitch 0.13.0 released

Written for rbpitch by Sean McNamara on 2010-07-28

rbpitch will be version-synced to the releases of Rhythmbox starting today. The major.minor.micro version release of rbpitch corresponds to the same of Rhythmbox; if there are multiple releases of rbpitch for a single version of Rhythmbox, it will be dubbed major.minor.micro.nano.

Today, I also set up an import job from git to bzr for rbpitch. This provides an extra safety net for backing up my code, in case my server crashes, and allows people to check out the code from launchpad. I will still be using git for development, though.

I am starting to customize the rbpitch Launchpad presence to further raise awareness of what this plugin is. Finally, I am working on a release of rbpitch to fix a couple bugs I've found since the first release.

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