RelEx 0.98.0

version 0.98.0; requires link-grammar version 4.4.1

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Release notes 

There hasn't been a release of RelEx in a good long while, so now seemed like a good time. The version number 0.98 indicates that someday soon we'll declare a version 1.0 and be done with it.

This release *requires* link-grammar version 4.4.1, also made
available today. Download link-grammar from

This release includes a number of minor bug fixes that have dribbled in since the last release. Perhaps the most notable change are the new client-server bindings from Borislav Iordanov. These improve the network efficiency of running the link-grammar parser in server mode. This is probably not a feature that most users care about; its aimed at production environment where large quantities of text must be analyzed in bulk.

The only other notable change is that the OpenCog output format is now in the form of S-expressions, rather than XML. There are several reasons for this:

1) S-expressions are far more human-readable than XML
2) Parsing of S-expressions is *much* faster than XML
3) Its less verbose, uses less storage and bandwidth
4) Its easier to generate, as it doesn't have oddball precedence requirements.

However, I doubt anyone out there, aside from me, is using the
opencog formats. If you are, let me know!


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