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11.5 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

This release adds embedded documentation for the core functions, updated libraries and virtual machine implementations, and various bugfixes. New functionality includes user-definable keymaps, unfiltered input routines, and more of the internals exposed

File Description Downloads
download icon retro-11.5.tar.gz (md5) 11.5 Stable Release 107
last downloaded 80 weeks ago
Total downloads: 107

11.4 release from the trunk series released

File Description Downloads
download icon retro-11.4.tar.gz (md5) 11.4 STABLE Release 17
last downloaded 83 weeks ago
Total downloads: 17

11.3 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

This release has numerous internal cleanups, optimization, and fixes all reported bugs. The image included is much tighter than before, making it easier to fit into low memory embedded targets. Platform support is expanded slightly, with a new Arduino board being supported and pic32 boards running RetroBSD can now use Retro language.


core language / standard image

  - new method of implementing quotes
  - maximum string length can be altered now
  - number of string buffers can be altered now
  - internal factors in kernel are no longer revectorable
  - removed use of low level conditionals outside of the kernel
  - reduced amount of padding in kernel
  - reduced default string length to 256 cells
  - metacompiler now strips unused space at end of kernel
  - reduced image size to under 9k cells
  - added until loop combinator
  - hidden functions are no longer revectorable


  - fixed all reported bugs
  - added diet' library for reducing memory usage by trimming string size, buffers
  - added fiction' library for simple interactive fiction games
  - documentation blocks have consistent formatting now


  - include lua bindings (now updated for the lua 5.2 release)
  - include sqlite bindings

ngaro vm

  - c

    - add --help flag
    - load image from $RETROIMAGE environment variable if not found in working directory
    - added variant for Windows users (can be built with tcc)

  - golang

    - updated to work with current weekly builds
    - added README to explain how to build it and cover concurrency additions

  - html5

    - use bootstrap for ui elements

  - php

    - fixed bugs in host environment queries, now feature complete

  - embedded

    - support pic32 boards running RetroBSD
    - updates to arduino implementation from Oleksandr

      - now supports MEGA 2560 and Nano boards

    - slightly lower memory usage in mbed implementation


  - fixed bugs
  - updated to use new language features
  - added bingo card generator
  - added hex dump utility
  - added tab completion example (from Luke)
  - added example of building strings using a combinator


  - add single file covering all of the libraries
  - expansions to quick reference
  - minor updates to fix small mistakes, clarify things


  - properly support multi-line strings in vim highlighter
  - the debugger now has a source display view

File Description Downloads
download icon retro-11.3.tar.gz (md5) Retro 11.3 51
last downloaded 88 weeks ago
Total downloads: 51

11.2 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

This release brings a complete rewrite of the Common Lisp implementation and adds support for the Arduino Mega platform. It also brings minor updates to the documentation, an alternative meta compiler, and improved support for big endian platforms.

File Description Downloads
download icon retro-11.2.tar.gz (md5) Retro 11.2 39
last downloaded 86 weeks ago
Total downloads: 39