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Based on the Symfony framework and heavily invested in mvc and object model design principles, Mayon will extend and modernize the Agasti platform to meet the growing needs of volunteers and emergency managers across the world.

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Sahana Agasti
Project drivers:
Agasti Mayon Release Team, Sahana-foundation-admins
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Agasti Mayon Release Team
Active Development
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is the focus of development.
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You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:sahana-agasti

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Milestones and releases

12 of 2 results
Version Expected Released Summary
Sahana Agasti 2.1.0 2011-10-01 not yet released This milestone includes feature enhancements to the Sahana Agasti 2.0 release... Blueprints targeted: 1 Implemented
Sahana Agasti 2.0.0 2011-05-31 not yet released This milestone release concludes the development of basic staff, and facility...
Bugs targeted: 2 New, 1 Incomplete, 1 Opinion, 1 Invalid, 2 Confirmed, 2 Triaged, 2 Fix Committed, 4 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 11 Unknown, 5 Not started, 3 Started, 1 Slow progress, 6 Good progress, 2 Needs Code Review
12 of 2 results
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