seq24 0.9.1 released

Written for Seq24 by Guido Scholz on 2010-11-09

seq24 is a pattern based sequencer with strong live performance capabilities.

A new seq24 release is out, second time published by the Seq24team,
assisted (or driven?) by a group of engaged contributors.

This release fixes several bugs and provides some new features which
are already prominent due to excellent tutorial videos (thanks to
Leigh Dyer). All users should upgrade to 0.9.1.

Please find source tarballs on the release page:


seq24-0.9.1 (2010-11-08)

Fixed Bugs
 * Fixed error if path for last used directory is not properly set
 * Fixed adding notes on the beginning when MIDI record is on and not
   playing sequence
 * Fixed buffer overflow caused by string handling (tool menu)
 * Fixed file save as crash
 * Fixed MIDI sysex event reading
 * Fixed error if path for last used directory is not properly set
 * "Cancel" option added to "Save file?" question

New Features
 * Support for MIDI clock synchronization
 * Support for mute groups
 * Key binding editor
 * Optionally show shortcut key label on sequence icon
 * Fruity loop mouse interaction mode added
 * Monophonic step editing on sequence
 * Polyphonic step editing

General Changes
 * A lot of code cleanups
 * Support for (lost) Win32 platform added
 * Optimized redraw for sequencer roll background (from Win32 version,
   Rob Buse)
 * Adaptations for jack2 applied


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