Seq24 0.9.0 "Rejoicing Rika"

This release fixes several bugs, contains adaptations to library API changes and provides some new features, which make users life more comfortable. All users should upgrade to 0.9.0.

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Rejoicing Rika
Guido Scholz
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Release notes 

The fixed bugs cover string buffer overruns, 64Bit incompatibility and memory leaks for MIDI file format errors.

Some adaptations to API changes were made reflecting the ongoing development of underlying libraries.

Several features focusing on user interface design improvements as well as note quantization for live recordings, scrollwheel support, redo functions and much more were implemented.

For details please have a look at the Changelog.


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Fixed Bugs
* Fixed BPM saving on 64 bit platforms.
* Several string buffer overruns fixed.
* Several compiler warnings fixed.
* Fixed memory leak if file loading fails due to format errors.

New Features
* Round robbin logic on sequence edit added.
* Start stop shortcut on sequence editor added.
* Remember last used directory on configuration so you go where you worked.
* Live Quantize, so notes get to the right time when you play.
* Fixed volume. Makes midi input have a fixed volume when you record.
* Added Redo function on sequence editor.
* Switched to sigc++-2.0 API, to make program compatible to latest sigc++ version (2.2).
* Man page from Ubuntu added.
* Keyboard shortcuts for menu items added.
* Added backspace as an optional delete key to the pattern editor.
* Use new file dialog layout, MIDI files are preselectable. ".midi" suffix is added if user does not append a valid MIDI file extension.
* New menu item to show and hide song edit window.
* Tooltips for bottom line elements in main window added.
* File new/open/save/close logic rewritten to monitor user applied file changes.
* "dump" program is removed.
* About dialog changed to use new layout.
* Zooming and panning in the editor window using the scroll wheel (when CTRL or SHIFT are used) implemented. Horizontal scroll step interval increased to 1/16 note per zoom level and page interval to 1 bar.
* Panning in the song editor using the scroll wheel (when SHIFT is used) implemented.
* Window icons for song editor and sequence editor added.

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