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A hangout to review the blueprint backlog - details to follow Time and Date are placeholders until we sort out one that suits everyone View the Meeting Home Page

17:00 UTC on Wednesday, 2013-12-11
19:00 UTC on Wednesday, 2013-12-11

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Phase 1: Search for a specified zone name. This is the ability to search for a zone by name: - An administrator isĀ able to search within a specific account or across all accounts (entire system) - Customer is able to search on own account Phase 2: Search for records pointing to a specific IP Address. This is the ab...
Support for DNSSEC for Designate
Support for DNSSEC should be implemented, allowing for compatibility with various DNS servers.
This blueprint proposes to provide an admin-only API call to dynamically manage blacklisted zones. Currently, the list of blacklisted zones resides in the .config file. Designate must be restarted before any changes to the .config file take place. One possible solution to this could be to make the .config file relo...
Allow for Dynamic DNS Updates via a HTTP call to allow updates to DNS from embedded devices / SME locations, without the complexity of using the full Designate API
The sample config file is missing some key options (for example, RabbitMQ options). Maintaining the complete list by hand is cumbersome and error prone, hence we originally went for a manual "just the necessities" option. Clearly this isn't perfect :) oslo-incubator includes some code[1] intended to extract config...

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