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Dustin Kirkland 
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ssh-import-id (5.0-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * === added directory etc, === added directory etc/ssh, === added
    directory ssh_import_id, === added directory usr, === added
    directory usr/bin, === added directory usr/share, === added
    directory usr/share/man, === added directory usr/share/man/man1,
    bin/ssh-import-id-gh => usr/bin/ssh-import-id-gh, bin/ssh-import-id-
    lp => usr/bin/ssh-import-id-lp, bin/ssh-import-id =>
    ssh_import_id/ (properties changed: +x to -x),
    debian/control, debian/install, debian/manpages, debian/rules, ===
    removed directory bin,, ssh-import-id.1 =>
    usr/share/man/man1/ssh-import-id.1, ssh_import_id =>
    etc/ssh/ssh_import_id, usr/bin/ssh-import-id:
    - build depend on dh-python
    - simplify package install, etc/ and usr/
    - syntax check both locations
    - build an ssh_import_id python package/module
    - put all common functionality into an ssh_import_id module
    - add a browser useragent string, for protocol version support on the server
    - move ssh-import-id-lp and ssh-import-id-gh functionality into a base
      python function, and wrap those with shell
    - remove a couple of subcommand shell outs by using native python calls
  *, ssh_import_id/
    - bump major version to 5.0, major changes here
  * debian/rules,
    - add scripts back to
  * ssh_import_id/
    - add extra blank line back, for readability
  * debian/control, ssh_import_id/
    - use pkg_resources to get __version__, depend on package

 -- Dustin Kirkland <email address hidden> Sat, 30 Jan 2016 09:46:50 -0600

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