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download icon stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for Windows (64-bit) based on Qt 5.6.2 (Visual Studio Express 2013) with media support. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 2,836
last downloaded today
download icon stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for Windows (32-bit) based on Qt 5.6.2 (Visual Studio Express 2013) with media support. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 158
last downloaded today
download icon Stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for macOS (64-bit; macOS 10.8+) based on Qt 5.6.2 (Clang/LLVM 5.0.0) with media support and without digital signature. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 162
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 3,156

Release notes 

This is just a place to attach trunk (or nightly/weekly) builds.

Please look at changelog for get details about changes between versions 0.15.1 and latest 0.90.0.xx.


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List of changes between version 0.15.1 and HEAD (
- Added new algorithm for DeltaT from Stephenson, Morrison and Hohenkerk (2016)
- Added use QOpenGLWidget
- Added new option to InfoString group
- Added orbit visualization data for asteroids
- Added calculation of extincted magnitudes of satellites
- Added new type of Solar system objects: sednoids
- Added classificator of objects into Solar System Editor plugin
- Added albedo for infostring (planets and moons)
- Added some improvements and clean up of code in Search Tool
- Added use ISO 8601 to date formatting in Date and Time Dialog (LP: #1655630)
- Added "Restore direction to initial values" in Oculars plugin (LP: #1656085)
- Added the define for GL_DOUBLE again to restore compilation on ARM.
- Fixed indirect dependency to QtOpenGL by QtMultimediaWidgets (LP: #1656525)
- Fixed text encoding in installer (LP: #1652515)
- Fixed changing value of in tooltip when ephemeris type is changed (LP: #1652762)
- Fixed mistakes in DeltaT stuff
- Fixed typos in AstroCalc tool
- Fixed visual style for spinup/spindown markers
- Fixed missing cross-id of Epsilon Lyrae (LP: #1653388)
- Fixed updating a list of Solar system bodies in AstroCalc tool when new objects added or objects was removed
- Fixed calculation of period for comets on elliptial orbits
- Fixed prediction of Iridium flares (LP: #1643311)
- Fixed saving visibility flag for Bookmarks button (LP: #1654164)
- Fixed refraction for Satellites (LP: #1654331)
- Fixed wrong parallax and distance for IC 59 (LP: #1655423)
- Fixed updating a text in Help window when shortcuts are changed (LP: #1656001)
- Fixed saving flags of visibility of Milky Way and Zodiacal Light (LP: #1656067)
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed few reports of Clang static analyzer
- Updated rules for usage of custom time zones (the custom time zone may be use in all time now) (LP: #1652763)
- Updated shortcuts
- Updated rules for source package builder
- Updated URL of DSS collection
- Updated detect of OS
- Updated deployment rules for Windows installer
- Updated script for building Stellarium User Guide
- Updated GUI for set coefficients for custom equation of DeltaT
- Updated list of contributors

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