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download icon Stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for Mac OS X (64-bit; Mac OS X 10.10+) based on Qt 5.9.2 (AppleClang 9.0.0) with media support and without digital signature. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 53
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download icon stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for Windows (64-bit) based on Qt 5.9.2 (Visual Studio 2015 Community) with media support. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 218
last downloaded today
download icon stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for Windows (32-bit) based on Qt 5.9.2 (Visual Studio 2015 Community) with media support. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 91
last downloaded today
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Release notes 

This is just a place to attach trunk (or nightly/weekly) builds.

Please look at changelog for get details about changes between versions 0.16.1 and latest 0.90.0.xx.


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List of changes between version 0.16.1 and HEAD (
- Added support for nomenclature of planetary surface (SOCIS 2017 project)
- Added templates for translation of planetary features nomenclature
- Added support of movement to selected nomenclature item
- Added new tab for AstroCalc tool: Planetary Calculator
- Added Icelandic translation for a couple of skycultures
- Added another OS detection logging function
- Added new landscape: the Sun
- Added Russian translation for new landscape
- Added filters for nomenclature (Search Tool/Lists)
- Added support plural forms for translation (LP: #1561457)
- Added deselectConstellations() method to public area
- Added new time steps for AstroCalc/Ephemerides tool
- Added sane defaults to Planets
- Added subclasses to the list of Solar system objects in AstroCalc/Positions tool
- Added config option to allow make visible orbits for major planets only (LP: #1720722)
- Added rule to allow to hide nomenclature on the celestial body of observer (LP: #1723742)
- Added context support for Solar system bodies
- Added angular size filter for DSO
- Added shortcut for nomenclature
- Added plus/minus keys for elevation change on Macs without PgUp/PgDn
- Added better font scaling for HiDPI Macs
- Added detection method info for exoplanets
- Added visual resolution info for Oculars plugin
- Added GUI options for color of exoplanet marker
- Added a default for night mode
- Added API command to retrieve view direction in RemoteControl plugin
- Added API commands into RemoteControl plugin: allow view setting jNow, harmonize capitalisation for the parameters.
- Fixed filter for limiting by DSO mangitudes
- Fixed TestStelJsonParser fails (LP: #1719076)
- Fixes and additions for French descriptions
- Fixed context support for constellations
- Fixed sort order for 'Peak' in Meteor showers search (LP: #1719939)
- Fixed location for stellarium.appdata.xml file
- Fixed stupid bug for asterisms in Search Tool/Lists
- Fixed some back-side issues of nomenclature (LP: #1721815)
- Fixed crash for Custom Objects (LP: #1722527)
- Fixed output data for Exoplanets plugin
- Fixed potential crash for nomenclature and inconsistency of data
- Fixed light speed correction issue for nomenclature items (LP: #1724517)
- Fixed annoying malfunction in Oculars plugin (lost of tracking) (LP: #1724106)
- Fixed the new moons' rotation times
- Fixed selecting of comets in AstroCalc/Positions tool
- Fixed behaviour and style of tool for download star catalog
- Fixed infostring for satellite features
- Fixed centering/tracking issues for Nomenclature feature (LP: #1721818)
- Fixed small Coverity issue
- Fixed bug of positions for nomenclature when Solar system data is reloaded
- Fixed shader for planet texture rendering (LP: #1731788)
- Fixed sign for declination coordinate for Southern Iota Aquarids (LP: #)
- Updated default settings of build environment for Windows and Mac OS X
- Updated ICU rules for Qt 5.9+
- Updated Oculars plugin (Allows accessing via RemoteControl)
- Updated list of DSO outlines (port from HNSKY)
- Updated behaviour of auto-load landscape when moving to selected planet
- Updated scripts and their descriptions
- Updated Bengali description of landscapes
- Updated list of planetary nomenclature
- Updated default time step for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Updated behaviour of flag for orbits to renew visibility of orbits
- Updated GUI items in the View dialog
- Updated list of ray helpers
- Updated protocols for MPC
- Updated Triangulum constellation lines
- Updated the solar system screen saver script
- Improved performance for AstroCalc tool
- Improved performance for Nomenclature feature
- Code refactoring

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