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download icon Stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for macOS (64-bit; macOS 10.12+) based on Qt 5.6.2 (AppleClang 8.0.0) with media support and without digital signature. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 26
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download icon stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for Windows (64-bit) based on Qt 5.6.2 (Visual Studio Express 2013) with media support. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 93
last downloaded today
download icon stellarium- (md5) Stellarium for Windows (32-bit) based on Qt 5.6.2 (Visual Studio Express 2013) with media support. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! 80
last downloaded today
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Release notes 

This is just a place to attach trunk (or nightly/weekly) builds.

Please look at changelog for get details about changes between versions 0.15.2 and latest 0.90.0.xx.


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List of changes between version 0.15.2 and HEAD (
- Added GPS devices support (LP: #1448673)
- Added a few more timezone replacements.
- Added support an asterisms for the sky cultures
- Added better identification for existing serial ports for GPS
- Added context support for constellations and asterisms names
- Added support RTS2 for Telescope Control Plugin
- Added a new option in config.ini file esp. for the planetariums (astro/
flag_forced_meteor_activity=(false|true) - to show a sporadic meteors activity without atmosphere).
- Added support of date and time formatting settings from main app to AstroCalc tool.
- Added a line for the approximate time of the meridian passing in AstroCalc tool (LP: #1652523)
- Added TLE tracking to RTS2 telescopes
- Added different star scales in the Oculars plugin, even separately for ocular and CCD views (LP: #1656940)
- Added information on magnification of the combination of eyepiece/lens/telescope in proportions of the telescope diameters.
- Added configurable options to AstroCalc tool
- Added support Catalan (Valencian) language
- Added support Kabyle language
- Fixed crash when tried use of SIMBAD for offline mode (LP: #1674836)
- Fixed build scripts to update Index once more just before final run.
- Fixed COSPAR designation parser.
- Fixed wrong extinction coordinate frame of Zodiacal Light (LP: #1675699)
- Fixed a missing initialisation (avoids crash at program end)
- Fixed bug for loading default scenery on non-Englush locale in Scenery3D plugin
- Fixed typo in name of dark nebula LDN 935 (LP: #1679066)
- Fixed Scripting Engine: avoiding broken script when calling waitFor() after the point in time to wait.
- Fixed infoMap data for comets.
- Fixed issue of reloading of DSO names when filter of catalogs is updated.
- Restore searchable for telescope names (LP: #1686857)
- Updated a GUI behaviour: a map in LocationDialog resizable is now.
- Updated a GUI behaviour: enabled low resolution for High DPI devices.
- Updated a GUI: added a few GUI text improvements
- Updated InnoSetup script
- Updated and revised stars names
- Updated Historical Supernovae catalog (Added SN 2017cbv)
- Updated meteor showers catalog (Added data for year 2017)
- Updated time steps for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Updated AstroCalc tool: increased an accuracy of 'Altitude vs. Time' diagram
- Updated list of locations
- Updated scripts and scripting engine
- Updated list of DSO's names
- Updated headers for AstroCalc tools
- Updated 'Go to home' feature.

List of changes in Stellarium User Guide between edition 0.15.2-1 and HEAD (not included in test binary packages!):
- Added reference for DE43x.
- Added info for GPS devices.
- Added info for RTS2 telescope support.
- Updated Bortle scale chapter.

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