2008-11-02 - Subtitle Editor 0.26.0 released

Written for subtitleeditor by kaiman on 2008-11-28

Subtitle Editor 0.26.0 is released and you can download it http://download.gna.org/subtitleeditor/0.26/subtitleeditor-0.26.0.tar.gz.

Subtitle Editor has now a Wiki, feel free to participate!

    * Remove dependance of pcre, pcrecpp (packager)
    * Replace pcre by Glib::Regex
    * Fix: AdobeEncoreDVD multiple line reader
    * Fix: MicroDVD to SE tags
    * Add a default style if the document doesn't at least one when the file is saved (ASS/SSA)
    * ASS/SSA newline (patch by Robert Ramiega)
    * #12542 (https://gna.org/bugs/?12542)

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