2008-11-28 - Subtitle Editor 0.30.0 released

Written for subtitleeditor by kaiman on 2008-11-29

 Subtitle Editor 0.30.0 is released and you can download it http://download.gna.org/subtitleeditor/0.30/subtitleeditor-0.30.0.tar.gz.

    * Each function work around extension system (enable/disable/configure)
    * Add 'Generate Wavefrom From Video'
    * Add line break policy option: soft, hard, intelligent (ASS/SSA)
    * Add 'Wavefrom & Media' filter in the wavefrom dialog
    * Add build option ccache
    * Fix: Subtitle saving with no UTF-8 system (locale)
    * Fix: Move subtitles added after the last original subtitle (Join Document)
    * Fix: Alpha channel support for ASS (#12566)
    * Fix: Allow opacity selection for Secondary, Outline and Shadow for ASS (#12569)
    * Fix: Don't reload the player if the file is the same
    * Fix: Catch enchant exception (spellchecking)
    * Fix: Missing m4/intltool.m4 (#12626)
    * Translations update
    * Cleanup (code & autohell)

Special thanks to Luboš Staněk.

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