OpenStack Object Storage (swift) 1.1.0

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OpenStack Object Storage (swift)
Chuck Thier
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3 Chuck Thier, 2 David Goetz, 1 Jay Payne, 2 John Dickinson, 1 Mike Barton, 1 clayg
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10 Fix Released

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Swift v1.1.0 release


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
663565 #663565 No port in default_cluster_url causes error 2 Critical Chuck Thier  10 Fix Released
638457 #638457 Refactor SWIFT_HASH_PATH_SUFFIX to be in a config file 3 High David Goetz  10 Fix Released
651598 #651598 Write timeout bug in proxy server 3 High clayg  10 Fix Released
658029 #658029 auditors cause too high load on the system 3 High John Dickinson  10 Fix Released
660702 #660702 Object replicator should hand off replication only on 507 3 High Mike Barton  10 Fix Released
660803 #660803 Update version info to 1.1.0 3 High Chuck Thier  10 Fix Released
664182 #664182 swift-bench should put to multiple containers 3 High Chuck Thier  10 Fix Released
664656 #664656 object auditor can error for some objects 3 High John Dickinson  10 Fix Released
654792 #654792 Improve ratelimiting functionality 4 Medium David Goetz  10 Fix Released
659431 #659431 default backlog option needs to be added to the sample config files 5 Low Jay Payne  10 Fix Released
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