Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Switchboard luna-beta2 1.x None 2013-05-06
Switchboard loki-beta1 "2.1.0 'yojimbo'" trunk None not yet released
Switchboard loki-alpha1 trunk None not yet released
Switchboard 2.0.1 2.x None 2015-05-30
Switchboard 2.0 "2.0 "kyoshi"" 2.x None 2015-04-10
Switchboard 1.1 "kyoshi" 1.x None not yet released The L+1 Switchboard.
Switchboard 1.0.1 1.x None 2013-06-20
Switchboard 1.0 "kuruk" 1.x 2011-08-24 2013-06-11 Finalized API, changed plug dir, appmenu changes.
Switchboard 0.9 "yangchen" 1.x 2011-08-06 2011-08-06 Ninth and final alpha of Switchboard before the big 1.0 release.