TagPlayer 0.2.06

Written for TagPlayer by filipe on 2011-02-22

It took a while but the next release of TagPlayer is ready. To make up for the wait I decided to release only when I had enough worthwhile features as well as ironed out a couple of small but annoying bugs. So, in 0.2.06 I added:

- Ubuntu Sound Menu support
- Multimedia Keys support
- Faster and more stable player
- Search box

The Ubuntu Sound Menu support is clearly the most important new feature, and the one that took the most time (needlessly, most of the time derived from the lack of documentation on the python-dbus/mpris2 specifics), but hopefully it is working flawlessly. This addition means the AppIndicator is now gone, but it can come back as a choosable setting if there is demand.
Multimedia keys were a requested feature and one that was most welcome after I found out one of my keyboards had them. They are quite handy sometimes.
The player code was messy and bloated, and altough I haven't been able to properly rewrite it I fixed enough of it so it wouldn't pose a usability issue.
Finally, I added a little search box that filters the tags presented to the user because huge libraries lead to huge number of tags and I though this would be a nice way to help the user. Plus, I don't think it hurts the interface's looks.

Planned for the next (non-bugfix) release is another requested feature that I though would be very useful: multiple library locations. No one should be forced to keep all music in the same folder!

Any requests and bug reports (or even random questions) are very welcome and I'll try to reply as fast as possible (especially on the bugs). Thanks for all the feedback!

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