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Terminator 1.90 released

Written for Terminator by Stephen Boddy on 2016-11-23

OK folks. This is your chance. An honest to goodness (pre-)release of the GTK3 version of Terminator. Please use this if you possibly can, and provide fixes if you have the skills. If you have a bug that you can't fix and you think it is serious enough that it really should be fixed before the big 2.0, then assign it the tag "release-blocker". If I agree, I'll target it to the milestone.

Looking here for show-stoppers, as I'm well aware that Terminator has lots of strange little nooks and crannies that display strange behaviour when it's the second Thursday of a month with 30 days.

Terminator 1.0 released

Written for Terminator by Stephen Boddy on 2016-11-23

When is a release not a release? When it is just pushing the old stuff out the door so that focus can switch to where it really should be. This GTK2 Terminator is a fossil at this stage. You should all be using the GTK3 branch, but because I've procrastinated, there's no release of GTK3, so the distros don't include it. Enough! I'm pushing this out, just so that there is a final GTK2 release with the few bits that were fixed since the 0.98 release.

All future work will only be done in the GTK3 branch, and I will no longer try to backport things (that way lies madness). The initial GTK3 release will follow shortly.

Terminator 0.98 now available

Written for Terminator by Bryce Harrington on 2015-09-07

This release brings a slew of enhancements and bug fixes. Much attention is given to layout configuration functionality and customization. Tabs functionality is better polished; there were many corner case type bugs here. The preferences UI (which includes the vast bulk of the applications' widgetry) is better polished and numerous quirks and bugs removed. Scrollbars and scrolling is also made more solid in this release.

This should be a very solid release, but we're planning to do a 0.98.1 release in a month or two strictly for bug fixes. So if you spot an issue, don't be shy about shooting us a patch.

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Terminator 0.97 released!

Written for Terminator by Bryce Harrington on 2013-04-30

It's been a very long road since Terminator 0.96 back in September 2011, but I'm very happy to announce that Terminator 0.97 was released over breakfast this morning.
There's a reasonable amount of change, but almost all of it is bug fixes and translations.

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Terminator 0.96 released

Written for Terminator by Chris Jones on 2011-09-23

Today brings the first release for some time, with a variety of bug fixes and a few little new features. Much of this work came from community contributors, for which I am hugely grateful.
I don't expect the release frequency to increase a huge amount though - Terminator does most of the things I really need.
If you find it's not doing what you need, and you have the skills to make it do those things, please consider making it happen!

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