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testtools 0.9.9 released

Written for testtools by Jonathan Lange on 2011-04-08

It's been a long time since we've done an announcement on Launchpad, but rest assured that there have been many testtools releases and much development in the mean time.

Our current release has so much good stuff, you are best served by reading either the changelog or our snazzy new docs <>. As always, we can be found on PyPI <>.

testtools 0.9.5 released

Written for testtools by Jonathan Lange on 2010-07-29

This release fixes some obscure traceback formatting issues that were causing our test suite to fail.

testtools 0.9.4 released

Written for testtools by Robert Collins on 2010-07-02

This release overhauls the traceback formatting layer to deal with Python 2
line numbers and traceback objects often being local user encoded strings
rather than unicode objects. Test discovery has also been added and Python 3.1
is also supported. Finally, the Mismatch protocol has been extended to let
Matchers collaborate with tests in supplying detailed data about failures.

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testtools now on PyPI

Written for testtools by Jonathan Lange on 2009-11-27

Thanks to the kind, generous and in all other ways spiffy Kumar McMillan, the 'testtools' project on Launchpad that you've come to know and love is available on PyPI as 'testtools'.

In order to celebrate this and to avoid clashing with Kumar's legacy software, we've bumped up the version number of our testtools to 0.9 and made a couple of releases. The latest release ports the recent work on the standard library's unittest back to Python 2.4 and 2.5 and adds a new, experimental 'matcher' API that should help you avoid the proliferation of assertFoo methods that so often plague test infrastructures.

All this means that testtools is simply the best way to write unit tests in Python. It's like the standard library -- but standarder!

testtools branches format change

Written for testtools by Jonathan Lange on 2009-10-25

We have upgraded the Bazaar format that testtools is stored in to 2a -- Bazaar's latest stable format. You should do the same to existing branches of testtools otherwise you will get errors pulling.

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