Timekpr 0.3.6 is here...

Written for timekpr-revived by Eduards Bezverhijs on 2016-05-07

I'm proud to announce Timekpr 0.3.6. This release is the biggest (except initial of course) so far.

Notable changes:
  * cleanup, build fixes & reorg for project to make it more streamlined
  * fixes bug #1487883 (base packaging)
  * speech synth implemented using python-espeak
  * added speech, first notification options and about menu (thanks to Frank Gerbig)
  * UI ported to GTK3 (thanks to Frank Gerbig)
  * loginctl now filters only active users (thanks to Etienne URBAH)
  * fixed project depends (included python-espeak & polkit for pkexec)
  * Ubuntu 16.04 support (still try to maintain it for active releases and alternative DE's)
  * Slovenian translations (thanks to Valentin Korenjak)
  * Imported translations for Hungarian (thanks to SanskritFritz)
  * Imported translations for Swedish (thanks to Åke Engelbrektson)
  * Updated scripts / files for translations
  * Using DBUS for notifications where it's possible

Beta tests were good so far, works on most Ubuntu releases including Mate / XFCE / KDE (up to 14.04).

!!! WARNING for KUBUNTU 16.04 USERS !!!
It does NOT really work on Kubuntu 16.04!
First of all there are some strange installation bugs, if I do install from command line, it tries to fetch whole a lot of Gnome dependences which are NOT needed at all! Please do not install it this way.
When I download a package and try to install it by package installer, it fetches the right packages for dependencies and all is cool from installation perspective, but it does NOT show icon nor menu, notifications may work, etc.
Don't yet know the reason, but it might be that KDE 5 updated it's systray functionality which leads to these problems.

Anyhow, You can try to debug the problem or if you know a solution, please let me know. Patches are welcome :)
Also, easy way to install it in Kubuntu 16.04 (warning above), please do: "apt-get download timekpr" and just click on deb file in file manager.

P.S. I'm thinking to rewrite Timekpr completely (currently as I see it, it's kinda too loose on every end of it), with nicer architecture, features, integrations and broader usage, global administration, ..., but this process will be long (if it ever happens) as I have not much time available. Thinking maybe, just maybe, put this on kickstarter and if achieve a success take some time off the day job and just work on this and still make my family happy :)

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