Timekpr and Gnome / KDE support, ideas for future

Written for timekpr-revived by Eduards Bezverhijs on 2018-05-26

Let's start with improvements.

Timekpr can now be installed in KDE5 without the "great breakage", I guess I previously didn't know much about proper DEB packaging, but now it's fixed, timekpr installs on Kubuntu 18.04 with no issues. Please note that this is true starting with version timekpr/timekpr-beta (0.3.7~ppa1~ubuntu6).

Other improvement is Timekpr indicator in KDE, it turns out that Unity indicators and KDE ones are sorta similar, but not exactly.
So the first step which I already did, is to have working timekpr in KDE5: notifications work, icon is shown, but tooltip does not show time and it's text is a little technical, the default I guess, which is program name.

Continue with surprises...

About Gnome and Timekpr, newer Gnome stack turns off "systray" icons completely, in vanilla gnome there will be no way of having these!
I don't know what they were thinking, but I have read the explanation from them and I think they are wrong about taking that away and not giving a meaningful replacement, the same issue of missing icon is with applicaions like Skype, Dropbox, Pidgin, etc.
Anyhow, Gnome ppl suggested to use "TopIcons" (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/495/topicons/) or "TopIcons Plus" (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1031/topicons/) extension which brings icons back.
After installation Timekpr icon should be shown.
This is not smth I can really fix, just install extensions and hope it's working.

About future...

I started, very slowly, new version of timekpr based on DBus, did not get very far, unfortunately, only some very basic things are working and I don't have much time nor incentive to continue, so progress will be slow anyway, plus this is a total rewrite.
Short feature list for new version is:
* having all based on DBus which will provide synchronous server and client (client will act merely as notificator / configurator)
* the DBus backend target is systemd-logind (I'll probably support consolekit, if it's still used when I get that far :) )
* inactive time on session will not count (e.g. locked screen time will not be counted in, time in tty is not counted in, etc.)
* having proper database underneath (most likely SQLite), which brings statistics as well
* try not to depend on pam (time) or hooking into graphical login managers, this did not work nicely in current version and I don't see how it can be fixed, instead control and terminate sessions using DBus + logind
* try to hook in systemd-resolved and probably (if possible) disable some site access (just an idea)
* having wider control of time (think of classroom full of pupils, time usage is pre-scheduled by teachers, smth like that)
* some minor tweaks etc.

Some of You asked do I accept donations, which I currently don't. Maybe I'll set up Paypal donation page in the future for those of You who think I deserve some cup of coffee :)


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