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Bug #1617542: python-mapnik built without cairo support Undecided New python-mapnik 16 hours

From: Tom Hughes
Link: cairo.patch

Patch to enable cairo support

Bug #1598992: MySQL Server installation freezes if root password contains a single quote (apostrophe) High In Progress mysql-5.7 21 hours

From: Gasol Wu
Link: mysql-5.7_5.7.13-0ubuntu5.debdiff


Bug #1585863: WiFi malfunction after suspend & resume stress - sudo wpa_cli scan required to fix it. High Confirmed network-manager 23 hours

From: XiaoLe.S
Link: network-manager_1.2.2-0ubuntu9.debdiff


Bug #1617449: Merge 0.0.svn2431-6ubuntu1 from debian testing Wishlist New flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound 33 hours

From: Jackson Doak
Link: debian.diff

debian to new

Bug #1603692: java-update-alternatives doesn't recognize jdkhl label Undecided Confirmed java-common 38 hours

From: Bastien Durel
Link: uja.patch


Bug #1576698: ntpdate-debian not working Medium In Progress ntp 40 hours

From: ChristianEhrhardt
Link: fix-1576698-ntpdate-parsing.debdiff

Fix bug as Ubuntu delta since it was lost in Debian prior to the last merge

Bug #1617220: Bad alias in ejabberd.service Undecided New ejabberd 45 hours

From: EOLE team
Link: ejabberd.service.template.patch

Fixed ejabberd.service.template.patch

Bug #1617173: please merge choose-mirror from debian Wishlist New choose-mirror 47 hours

From: LocutusOfBorg
Link: debdiff


Bug #1610479: interface-order needs definitions for systemd predictable names Undecided Confirmed resolvconf 3 days

From: Kevin Otte
Link: interface-order.patch


Bug #1594166: tramp loading stalls several seconds on DNS resolution Medium Confirmed emacs24 3 days

From: David Sterratt
Link: change-test-for-controlpath-to-avoid-DNS-timeouts.patch


Bug #1594166: tramp loading stalls several seconds on DNS resolution Medium Confirmed ess 3 days

From: David Sterratt
Link: change-test-for-controlpath-to-avoid-DNS-timeouts.patch


Bug #1616982: fix initialization of DEB_VENDOR for derivatives Low New libreoffice 3 days

From: Jon Boden
Link: libreoffice.diff


Bug #1616672: 4.6.0-11.13 from ckt PPA fails to boot on X-Gene High Fix Committed linux 3 days

From: dann frazier
Link: arm64-enable-rockchip.patch

workaround X-Gene boot by enabling CONFIG_ARCH_ROCKCHIP

Bug #1614593: gimp freezes at end of cage-base transform Undecided Confirmed gimp 3 days

From: A. Scheuer
Link: goct.patch


Bug #1603581: Azure Linux Agent (WALA) 2.1.5 Released High Triaged walinuxagent 4 days

From: Dan Watkins
Link: lp1603581.debdiff


Bug #1616318: System hang when plug/pull USB 3.1 key via thunderbolt port over 5 times Undecided Fix Committed linux 4 days

From: AceLan Kao
Link: 0001-USB-don-t-free-bandwidth_mutex-too-early.patch


Bug #1616262: Unable to update initramfs with small boot partition Undecided New initramfs-tools 4 days

From: David Griffith
Link: initramfs_patch

Patch to use /tmp to store temp initramfs image when updating.

Bug #1616123: rpc-svcgssd.service uses incorrrect variable SVCGSSDARGS Undecided New nfs-utils 5 days

From: Jochen
Link: rpc-svcgssd.patch

patch for rpc-svcgssd.service

Bug #1615602: IRC message truncation Low New pidgin 6 days

From: senya
Link: pidgin_2.10.9-0ubuntu3.4.debdiff

the package fix

Bug #1615585: Perl warnings when using linuxdoc Undecided New linuxdoc-tools 6 days

From: Jan Willamowius

Bug #1611277: Kernel Shipped With Ubuntu 16.04.1 Cannot Recognize fakeRaid Medium Confirmed dmraid 9 days

From: Stefan Bader
Link: disable-removable-test.debdiff

Proposed update for dmraid

Bug #1606447: tp-smapi-dkms 0.41-1: tp-smapi kernel module failed to build Medium Confirmed tp-smapi 9 days

From: Markus Harmsen
Link: patch.txt


Bug #1614581: Fails to handle requests from ipv6 hosts Undecided New python-tx-tftp 10 days

From: LaMont Jones
Link: tftp.diff

Fixes the issue

Bug #1614514: netcfg defaults hostname to DHCPv6-provided NTP server address Medium New netcfg 10 days

From: Malcolm Scott
Link: autoconfig-ntp-typo.diff


Bug #1614529: Unable to start LVM agent due to a syntax error Undecided New resource-agents 10 days

From: EOLE team
Link: LVM.patch


Bug #1614496: Computer doesn't fully shut down Medium Incomplete linux 10 days

From: André
Link: lspci-vnvn.log


Bug #1247528: Build and distribute intel-virtual-output Wishlist In Progress xserver-xorg-video-intel 10 days

From: Daniel Gimpelevich
Link: bugfix.patch


Bug #1591868: fwupd consuming 100% CPU Medium Confirmed appstream-glib 10 days

From: Anders Kaseorg
Link: appstream-glib_0.5.17-0ubuntu1_lp1591868.debdiff


Bug #1614062: imapproxy out of date Wishlist New up-imapproxy 11 days

From: Richard Laager
Link: up-imapproxy_1.2.7-1.3~rlaager1.debdiff


Bug #1558480: Make Wine packages synced from Debian High Triaged wine1.6 11 days

From: Graham Inggs
Link: wine-cups.patch


Bug #1558480: Make Wine packages synced from Debian High Triaged wine 11 days

From: Graham Inggs
Link: wine-cups.patch


Bug #1611603: fails to start when confined in a snap Undecided New gunicorn 11 days

From: Paul Collins
Link: gunicorn.chown-2.patch

skip chown when it would be a no-op, take 2

Bug #1613805: [evolution/wip/webkit2] EHTMLEditorView - Restore the selection end mark correctly when processing HTML to plain text Undecided New evolution 11 days

From: Jamie Strandboge
Link: evolution_3.18.5.2-0ubuntu3.2.debdiff


Bug #1613729: NetworkManager autoconnects to wired profiles in reverse order Undecided New network-manager 12 days

From: Simon Wydooghe
Link: autoconnect.patch

Patch to fix this

Bug #1613698: curl: Problem with chunked encoded data Undecided Confirmed curl 12 days

From: Joe
Link: curl-0ab97ba0090f2609760c33000181f08757336a48.diff

Patch from

Bug #1613634: python-pisa calls PIL tostring instead of tobytes in xenial Undecided New pisa 12 days

From: wdoekes
Link: 0005-tostring-2-tobytes.patch


Bug #1613482: FTBFS with new GCC 6 -Wmisleading-indentation warning Undecided New ubiquity 12 days

From: Rik Mills
Link: fix-identation.diff


Bug #1610793: Removing inline decl on include/linux/rcupdate.h file . Medium Confirmed linux 2 weeks

From: asu
Link: move_rcu_func.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1613003: friendly-recovery read-only file system text doesn't change if file system is manually mounted read-write using root shell Undecided New friendly-recovery 2 weeks

From: Ryan Cunningham
Link: -home-administrador-recovery.dif

Patch for friendly-recovery

Bug #1612906: cryptsetup does not support ZFS Undecided New cryptsetup 2 weeks

From: Richard Laager
Link: cryptsetup-zfs.debdiff

A patch to add ZFS support to cryptsetup.

Bug #1591411: systemd-logind must be restarted every ~1000 SSH logins to prevent a ~25 second delay Medium Confirmed dbus 2 weeks

From: Łukasz Zemczak
Link: systemd_229-4ubuntu8.debdiff

Debdiff of the back-ported systemd patch

Bug #1573848: KASLR should be enabled by default (x86) Medium Triaged linux 2 weeks

From: rampies
Link: 13882350_308252829517622_547356934184648507_n.jpg


Bug #1612392: missing dependency on software-properties-kde Low Confirmed muon 2 weeks

From: Carlo Vanini
Link: muon_5.6.0-0ubuntu1.1.debdiff


Bug #1612100: CWD for vpnc-script changes between connect and disconnect calls Undecided New vpnc 2 weeks

From: Dan Lenski
Link: restore_original_cwd_after_vpnc_main_loop.patch


Bug #1611816: not supplied in package Undecided New cifs-utils 3 weeks

From: David McBride
Link: patch

Suggested modifications to debian/{rules,control}

Bug #1611470: Xenial Release upgrader failed with a permission error setting cron.daily/apt Medium Triaged ubuntu-release-upgrader 3 weeks

From: MissionSix
Link: DistUpgradeController.diff


Bug #1610878: pmp-check-unix-memory stopped working because of new output from free Medium Incomplete nagios-plugins-contrib 3 weeks

From: Christian Biamont
Link: nagios-plugins-contrib-16.20151226ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #1610792: Removing inline decl from include/linux/compiler.h file . Medium Confirmed linux 3 weeks
Bug #1610790: Remove inline decl on arch/x86/include/asm/msr.h file . Medium Confirmed linux 3 weeks
Bug #1610789: Remove inline decl on arch/x86/include/asm/msr.h file . Medium Incomplete linux 3 weeks
Bug #1610758: ppc64(le) missing syscall 336 Undecided New valgrind 3 weeks

From: Daniel Black
Link: valgrind-r15845.patch


Bug #1610271: Issues on mm/slub.c file . Medium Confirmed linux 3 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issues-on-mm-slub.c-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1610270: Issues on mm/slab.c file . Medium Incomplete linux 3 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issues-on-mm-slab.c-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1610182: 5.7.14 is not yet packaged Wishlist New mysql-5.7 3 weeks

From: Norvald H. Ryeng
Link: mysql-5.7.14-build-failure.patch


Bug #1610214: Issues on lib/vsprintf.c file . Medium Incomplete linux 3 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issues-on-lib-vsprintf.c-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1610213: Issues on kernel/sched/wait.c file . Medium Incomplete linux 3 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issues-on-kernel-sched-wait.c-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1610212: Issues on kernel/rcu/tree_plugin.h file . Medium Confirmed linux 3 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issues-on-kernel-rcu-tree_plugin.h-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1325450: Cannot rezise root lvm - Logical volume is not mounted but is in use Medium Confirmed system-config-lvm 3 weeks

From: hermlnx
Link: 05_utilities-readline-path.patch

[PATCH] Change readline location to /bin/readline in as it is no longer present in /usr/bin

Bug #1609898: dhclient incorrectly assumes a /64 ipv6 prefix Medium Fix Committed isc-dhcp 3 weeks

From: Dan Streetman
Link: lp1609898-yakkety.debdiff


Bug #1575182: sysinfo crashes on ubuntu 16.04 (since upgrade) Medium Confirmed sysinfo 3 weeks

From: seahawk1986
Link: 16-fix-gnome-version-detection.patch


Bug #1602299: bcache is unstable on ppc64el High Confirmed linux 3 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: 0001-bcache-read_super-handle-architectures-with-more-tha.patch


Bug #1609606: Mic mute hotkey does not work on usb keyboard [03f0:2f4a] Undecided Fix Committed linux 3 weeks

From: AceLan Kao
Link: 0001-HID-input-add-mic-mute-key-on-HP-slim-keyboard.patch


Bug #1604010: sntp missing Medium Triaged ntp 4 weeks

From: ChristianEhrhardt
Link: fix-ntp-1604010-add-sntp.debdiff

experimental debdiff for discussion and as reference

Bug #1609303: libbamf: BamfView child cache not reloading Undecided New bamf 4 weeks

From: Cs-gon
Link: fix_bamf_view_child_caching.patch


Bug #1609227: Issues on kernel/pid.c file . Medium Incomplete linux 4 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issues-on-kernel-pid.c-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1609226: Issues on arch/x86/include/asm/apic.h file . Medium Confirmed linux 4 weeks
Bug #1609225: Issue on arch/x86/lib/delay.c file . Medium Confirmed linux 4 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issue-on-arch-x86-lib-delay.c-file-.c.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1607432: Sync ldc 1:1.1.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) Wishlist Incomplete ldc 4 weeks

From: Matthias Klumpp
Link: 03_pic-code.patch


Bug #1608948: support hw watchpoints/breakpoints on ARMv8.{1,2} Undecided New gdb 4 weeks

From: dann frazier
Link: armv8.1,2-hw-watch,breakpoints.diff


Bug #1608801: Os menus do Office, Gimp e etc estão sumindo e depois aparecem. Undecided New ubuntu 4 weeks

From: David
Link: Captura de tela de 2016-08-02 02-11-25.png

Olhe para os menu que sumirão.

Bug #1608499: Parallel depmod failure with dkms autoinstall Undecided Confirmed dkms 4 weeks

From: Julien Floret
Link: 0001-Parallel-depmod-failure.patch


Bug #1608273: Issues on kernel/time/posix-cpu-timers.c file . Medium Confirmed linux 4 weeks
Bug #1608272: Issues on kernel/time/hrtimer.c file. Medium Confirmed linux 4 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issues-on-kernel-time-hrtimer.c-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1608271: Issues on fs/namespace.c file . Medium Confirmed linux 4 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Issue-on-fs-namespace.c-file.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1608200: please merge openssl from Debian Wishlist New openssl 4 weeks

From: LocutusOfBorg
Link: debdiff


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