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Bug #1489560: qemu-efi: hangs in kvm mode when built w/ gcc-5 Undecided New edk2 3 hours 30 minutes

From: dann frazier
Link: arm64-no-expensive-optimizations.patch


Bug #1489560: qemu-efi: hangs in kvm mode when built w/ gcc-5 High New gcc-5 3 hours 30 minutes

From: dann frazier
Link: arm64-no-expensive-optimizations.patch


Bug #1491447: Build 1.6 lost SSL support because it can not detect libgnutls Undecided Confirmed wine1.6 21 hours

From: Alexandre Garnier
Link: 0041-configure-Fix-detection-of-gnutls-on-Ubuntu-14.10.patch


Bug #1490212: "Modaliases" field missing from debian control file Undecided New b43-fwcutter 21 hours

From: Adam Smith
Link: combine.patch


Bug #1490212: "Modaliases" field missing from debian control file Undecided New software-properties 21 hours

From: Adam Smith
Link: combine.patch


Bug #1491542: libunity ftbfs in wily Critical New libunity 24 hours

From: Barry Warsaw
Link: 0001-Fix-ambiguous-ListStore-reference-in-favor-of-Gtk.Li.patch


Bug #1491555: Unity unnecessarily goes to low graphics mode Medium Triaged unity 25 hours

From: Sinclair Yeh
Link: llvm-fix.patch

LLVM fix

Bug #1481388: NTP : Use-after-free in routing socket code after dropping root Medium In Progress ntp 29 hours

From: Eric Desrochers
Link: lp1481388_wily.debdiff

debdiff for wily

Bug #1490713: The Debian control file's "modaliases" is too generic Undecided New bcmwl 33 hours

From: Adam Smith
Link: bcmwl-modalias.patch


Bug #1491070: On removal the package should warn a reboot is needed Undecided New bcmwl 2 days

From: Adam Smith
Link: bcmwl-reboot.patch


Bug #1489979: initiramfs-tools: configure_network retry indefinitely option Undecided New initramfs-tools 6 days

From: Lucas Magasweran
Link: casper_ipconfig_notimeout.patch


Bug #1483914: libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human Undecided New libreoffice 6 days
Bug #1489816: gstreamer/rhythmbox submits invalid Disc IDs to MusicBrainz (Trusty Tahr) Undecided Confirmed gst-plugins-base1.0 6 days
Bug #1489816: gstreamer/rhythmbox submits invalid Disc IDs to MusicBrainz (Trusty Tahr) Undecided Confirmed rhythmbox 6 days
Bug #1489783: Fixes to finish Ubuntu support in Spacewalk Undecided New apt-spacewalk 6 days

From: MrMEEE
Link: Ubuntu-patch


Bug #1488358: Can't increase the wait_for_ssh timeout Medium Fix Committed autopkgtest 7 days

From: Leo Arias
Link: timeout.patch


Bug #1488830: FFE: merge rsyslog 8.9.0-3 from debian Undecided Confirmed rsyslog 7 days

From: Louis Bouchard
Link: rsyslog_debian_to_ubuntu_v2.debdiff


Bug #1310800: 056a:0302 Trusty Tahr, kernel 3.13: automatic load of wacom.ko driver cause a "hard" kernel panic High Confirmed linux 8 days

From: Jason Gerecke
Link: make-sure-touch_input-is-valid-before-using.patch

Upstream 44b9683 modified to apply against Ubuntu's 3.13 and 3.16 kernels

Bug #1488787: xdg-icon-resource does not support filenames with spaces Undecided New xdg-utils 9 days
Bug #1478149: python-tornado tests fail against python3.5 High Triaged python-tornado 9 days

From: Wesley Wiedenmeier
Link: wily-debdiff-updated


Bug #1487238: roxterm 3.1.4 crashes after --fork is used Undecided New roxterm 12 days

From: Tony Houghton
Link: roxterm-fix-fork.patch


Bug #1184699: Canon LIDE 110 can only scan once, then I need to replug the usb cable Undecided Confirmed sane-backends 13 days

From: Michael
Link: timing_issue_fixes

This patch should fix the problems described in this ticket for at least two users.

Bug #1482626: FFe: Please merge blueman 2.0-1 (universe) from Debian stretch (main) Wishlist Confirmed blueman 2 weeks

From: Sean Davis
Link: blueman_2.0-1-2.0-1ubuntu1.debdiff

debdiff: Debian to Ubuntu

Bug #1487243: decode doesn't properly handle escaped slashes ("\/") Undecided New python-cjson 2 weeks

From: klauss
Link: python-cjson-1.1.0-slashdecode.patch

Manually decode \/ prior to building a string with PyString_X()

Bug #1487103: [PATCH] pam-auth-update - don't break because of trailing whitespace in /usr/share/pam-configs/* files Low Triaged pam 2 weeks

From: Elias Probst
Link: pam-auth-update.patch

patch for pam-auth-update to make it more resilient against leading/trailing whitespaces in /usr/share/pam-configs/* files

Bug #1486991: Rasterio FTBFS on i386 (fix included) Undecided Incomplete rasterio 2 weeks

From: Johan Van de Wauw
Link: rasterio-fixtests.diff

debdiff rasterio_0.24.0-1ubuntu1 vs rasterio_0.24.0-1

Bug #1486796: 14.04: cups-pdf=2.6.1-9 fails to install inside a chroot Undecided New cups-pdf 2 weeks

From: cleary
Link: cups-pdf-chroot.patch

patch from the debian package cups-pdf= 2.6.1-18

Bug #1266432: nova-objectstore: Typo in package description: "is the package contains" Low In Progress nova 2 weeks

From: Hans Joachim Desserud
Link: nova.debdiff


Bug #1432871: `df` shows bind mounts instead of real mounts. Low Incomplete coreutils 2 weeks

From: Dave Chiluk
Link: lp1432871.trusty.debdiff


Bug #1449831: open-vm-tools-dkms 2:9.4.6-1770165-8ubuntu1: open-vm-tools kernel module failed to build with kernel 4.1 [error: too many arguments to function ‘sock_sendmsg’] High Confirmed open-vm-tools 2 weeks

From: Marco Trevisan (Treviño)
Link: vmware.diff


Bug #1485548: please merge gtk+2.0 from Debian Undecided New gtk+2.0 2 weeks

From: LocutusOfBorg
Link: debdiff


Bug #1485369: Merge exim4 4.86-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main) Wishlist Confirmed exim4 3 weeks

From: Artur Rona
Link: ubuntu-ubuntu.debdiff


Bug #1485217: Magic for text/x-tex broken Undecided New shared-mime-info 3 weeks

From: Jan Philipp Wächter
Link: fix_x-tex_magic.patch


Bug #1350334: copy/paste garbage while using mc, due to lack of support of bracketed paste mode Undecided Fix Committed vte 3 weeks

From: Eugene San
Link: 92-bracketed-paste-per-terminal.patch

Bracketed paste should be per-terminal

Bug #1484661: 'click install' within an adt-virt-schroot fails with "Sandbox failure: 'click install' not permitted to write-open '/dev/pts/8'" Undecided New autopkgtest 3 weeks

From: Jamie Strandboge
Link: preload-debugging.patch


Bug #1471903: -updates, -security missing from apt lists High In Progress live-build 3 weeks

From: Łukasz Zemczak
Link: remove_pkg_list_patch

Remove the ubuntu-remove-non-release-lists.patch completely

Bug #1482851: Windows 10 is detected as Windows 8 Medium Triaged os-prober 3 weeks

From: David Martin
Link: 20microsoft-w10.patch


Bug #1484520: lsvpd update returns error Undecided New lsvpd 3 weeks

From: bugproxy
Link: Fix-lsvpd-return-code.patch

lsvpd: Fix return code issue

Bug #1484397: Fails to mux files whose name or path contain spaces Undecided New bombono-dvd 3 weeks

From: Carlos Maddela
Link: 0002-Allow-muxing-of-files-with-spaces.patch


Bug #1484376: purge-old-kernels doesn't work when minor kernel version numbers add a digit Undecided New bikeshed 3 weeks

From: Cam Cope
Link: patch


Bug #1479014: "Cancel", "Next", and "Sign In" functioning incorrectly on login or locked screen in "Sign In?" section Low Triaged gnome-shell 3 weeks

From: The Unknown
Link: lp1479014_vivid_v3.debdiff


Bug #1483796: Terrible performance for ~b/~B searching Undecided New mutt 3 weeks

From: Seth Forshee
Link: fix-search-performance-regression.patch


Bug #1459872: arm64 images built w/ the progress module crash GRUB Undecided New grub2 3 weeks

From: dann frazier
Link: progress-check-filename-for-NULL.patch


Bug #1483159: Canonical naming for non-x86 architectures Undecided Confirmed nova 3 weeks

From: James Page
Link: architecture_canonical.patch


Bug #1482919: Catfish will lock up if 'locate' is not installed Undecided New catfish 4 weeks

From: apport hater
Link: catfish.patch

untested addition of try-catch

Bug #1369111: baloo_file_extractor crashed with SIGSEGV in memcpy() Medium Confirmed taglib 4 weeks

From: Peter Frühberger
Link: fix-memcpy.patch


Bug #1368545: Value Type of http_connect_timeout is Wrong Undecided In Progress python-keystoneclient 4 weeks

From: Jorge Niedbalski
Link: fix-lp-1368545-vivid-keystoneclient.patch

Vivid Keystone Client Patch

Bug #1437320: Adapt QML Cache patch for Qt 5.5 High Fix Committed qtdeclarative-opensource-src 4 weeks

From: Timo Jyrinki
Link: QML-Compilation-unit-caching-and-JIT-changes.patch


Bug #1475205: Random Chinese character missing with Ubuntu font High Incomplete ubuntu-font-family-sources 4 weeks

From: Timo Jyrinki
Link: enable_fonts_always_smoothly_qt54.patch


Bug #869017: Ubuntu server enables screenblanking, concealing crashdumps (DPMS is not used) Medium In Progress kbd 4 weeks

From: Wesley Wiedenmeier
Link: patch


Bug #1474690: Keyboard doesn't work with Qt 5.5 Undecided In Progress maliit-framework 4 weeks

From: Michael Sheldon
Link: 0015-fix-plugin-iid.patch


Bug #1474821: Lower case letter in "TCP-UNKNOwN" causing problems - patch Undecided New etherape 5 weeks

From: The Unknown
Link: etherape-0.9.13_TCP-UNKNOWN-protocol_fix.patch


Bug #1473438: mrtg-traffic-sum is not installed Undecided Confirmed mrtg 5 weeks

From: Todd Vierling
Link: mrtg-traffic-sum.patch

install mrtg-traffic-sum in debian/rules

Bug #1478592: bcmwl-kernel-source fixes [Patch] Undecided Confirmed bcmwl 5 weeks

From: ldc
Link: monolithic.patch


Bug #1479652: [patch] ntpd rejects source UDP ports less than 123 as bogus Undecided New ntp 5 weeks

From: Richard Laager
Link: udp-ports-under-123.patch

Patch from upstream, made suitable for debian/patches

Bug #1276651: BCM wl driver crashes during roaming High Triaged bcmwl 5 weeks

From: trustin
Link: noroaming.patch


Bug #1479542: merge Debian 4.3-13 and 4.3-11ubuntu3 Undecided Fix Committed bash 5 weeks

From: Tiago Stürmer Daitx
Link: merge-debian-4.3-13-to-4.3-11ubuntu3.debdiff

debdiff between 4.3-11ubuntu3 and 4.3.13-ubuntu1

Bug #364101: network-manager-openvpn does not support all options supported by openvpn Undecided Confirmed network-manager-openvpn 5 weeks

From: Stephane Lapie
Link: support-ping-options

Adds "--ping" and "--ping-restart"

Bug #1478816: Network-Manager applet crashes when ModemManager restarts Undecided New network-manager-applet 5 weeks

From: Mathias Hasselmann
Link: lp1418260_really_dont_crash_if_mm_isnt_avail.patch


Bug #1477395: bindgraph str2time error - can't parse logfile date format Undecided Confirmed bindgraph 5 weeks

From: Juri Haberland
Link: bindgraph-0.2a-5.1.diff


Bug #1478696: dell-laptop: Incorrect keyboard backlight detection Medium Triaged linux 5 weeks

From: Darek Stojaczyk
Link: dell-laptop.patch

Possible fix

Bug #1478655: Numeric username bigger than ulong gives error with -U option Undecided New procps 5 weeks

From: CaduEllery
Link: numeric_username.patch

Patch for numeric usernames of procps on Ubuntu 14.04

Bug #1205791: Dell Vostro V131: special keys not working Medium Confirmed linux 6 weeks

From: Darek Stojaczyk
Link: dell-laptop.patch

Michał Kępień's patch based on dell-laptop from 4.1.2 kernel

Bug #1478173: Ambiance & Radiance themes are missing a "background-color" for tooltip elements (needed for GTK3-enabled Firefox Nightly) Medium Confirmed ubuntu-themes 6 weeks

From: Daniel Holbert
Link: theme-patch.patch


Bug #1442756: Camel Failure on reduced TCP windows - GNOME BUG bae0c64 Undecided Confirmed evolution-data-server 6 weeks
Bug #1476844: loading firmware into hplj1000 twice Undecided New foo2zjs 6 weeks

From: Pavel Shvagirev
Link: hplj1000.patch


Bug #1436940: Atheros wifi 168c:0041(QCA6164) is not supported Medium Confirmed linux 7 weeks

From: Patrick Lacasse
Link: ideapad-laptop.c.LenovoYoga314.patch

Add "Lenovo Yoga 3 14" id to no_hw_rfkill_list.

Bug #1475535: rtas_errd: systemd executable permission bits messages in system logs Undecided New ubuntu 7 weeks

From: bugproxy
Link: 0001-scripts-service-Fix-the-permission-bits.patch

[PATCH] scripts/service: Fix the permission bits

Bug #1475525: Spanish translation of priviegios => privilegios Undecided New cups-pk-helper 7 weeks

From: mariodebian
Link: fix-spanish-translation.patch

fix spanish translation

Bug #1475337: grub-probe can't probe large logical volumes (LVM) Undecided New grub2 7 weeks

From: Rarylson Freitas
Link: lvm_big_size.patch


Bug #1475266: CVE-2014-2324 not patched in 1.4.33-1+nmu2ubuntu2 Undecided Incomplete lighttpd 7 weeks

From: Gijutsu
Link: cve-2014-2324.patch


Bug #1475265: CVE-2014-2323 not patched in 1.4.33-1+nmu2ubuntu2 Undecided Incomplete lighttpd 7 weeks

From: Gijutsu
Link: cve-2014-2323.patch


Bug #1267680: package gdb-arm-none-eabi (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/gdb.1.gz', which is also in package gdb High Confirmed gdb-arm-none-eabi 7 weeks

From: Hans Joachim Desserud
Link: patch.debdiff


Bug #1267680: package gdb-arm-none-eabi (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/gdb.1.gz', which is also in package gdb Undecided Confirmed gdb 7 weeks

From: Hans Joachim Desserud
Link: patch.debdiff


Bug #1242008: unity-scope-zotero does not yield any results in most settings Undecided Confirmed unity-scope-zotero 7 weeks

From: Craig Kelly
Link: paths_and_search.patch


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