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  • kguiaddons 5.21.0+p15.10+git20160504.1727-0 in wily in Kubuntu CI Unstable 4 minutes ago
  • libvirt 1.3.3-2ubuntu1~b8 in yakkety in Virtualization 4 minutes ago
  • synaptic 0.83.1~xenial in xenial in Cinnamon 7 minutes ago
  • vdr-epg-daemon 1.0.54~git20160504+http-0easyVDR0~trusty in trusty in my-test-epgd-http 11 minutes ago
  • webbrowser-app 0.23+15.04.20160504-0ubuntu1 in vivid in Landing PPA 007 17 minutes ago

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PPAs with the highest number of uploads in the last 7 days.

Kubuntu CI Unstable 1444 uploads
Kubuntu CI Stable 1221 uploads
Cinnamon nightly builds 1048 uploads
PPA for Ubuntu language pack builders 442 uploads
PPA for PHP (QA builds; experimental) 399 uploads