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  • persistent-cache-cpp 1.0.4+15.04.20150819.2-0ubuntu1 in vivid in Stable Phone Overlay PPA 3 minutes ago
  • torrent-web-data 0.1-15 in trusty in qtsky 3 minutes ago
  • arb 6.1~pre1+r14219+12~ubuntu12.04.1 in precise in ARB daily builds 3 minutes ago
  • libmaus2 2.0.49-1+84+201508271933~ubuntu15.10.1 in wily in libmaus2 4 minutes ago
  • libmaus2 2.0.49-1+84+201508271932~ubuntu12.04.1 in precise in libmaus2 5 minutes ago

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PPAs with the highest number of uploads in the last 7 days.

Kubuntu CI Unstable 879 uploads
Kubuntu CI Stable 796 uploads
Cinnamon nightly builds 615 uploads
testing-vdr 275 uploads
cran2deb4ubuntu 195 uploads