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  • mistral in artful in Pike Testing 50 seconds ago
  • teapotnet 0.11.1-0~2313~ubuntu17.10.1 in artful in Teapotnet 50 seconds ago
  • teapotnet 0.11.1-0~2313~ubuntu17.04.1 in zesty in Teapotnet 2 minutes ago
  • qtxmlpatterns-opensource-src 5.7.5~xenial in xenial in Testing 4 minutes ago
  • ubuntu-mate-settings 17.10.19~16.04.york0 in xenial in MATE 1.18 6 minutes ago

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PPAs with the highest number of uploads in the last 7 days.

Kubuntu CI Unstable 4931 uploads
Kubuntu CI Stable 2759 uploads
INDI 576 uploads
spamassassin-svn 528 uploads
Cinnamon nightly builds 503 uploads