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  • kstars-bleeding 6:2.9.8+7457.4127~279e64a~ubuntu16.04.1 in xenial in Astronomy tools 50 seconds ago
  • libkf5mailcommon 4:18.08.0+p18.04+git20180820.1033-0 in bionic in Kubuntu CI Unstable 4 minutes ago
  • libkf5mailcommon 4:18.08.0+p18.04+git20180820.1032-0 in bionic in Kubuntu CI Stable 4 minutes ago
  • libkf5mailcommon 4:18.08.0+p16.04+git20180820.1032-0 in xenial in Kubuntu CI Stable 5 minutes ago
  • libkf5mailcommon 4:18.08.0+p18.10+git20180820.1032-0 in cosmic in Kubuntu CI Unstable 5 minutes ago

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PPAs with the highest number of uploads in the last 7 days.

Kubuntu CI Unstable 3459 uploads
Test builds for Python 3.7 3121 uploads
Kubuntu CI Stable 2485 uploads
PPA for Ubuntu language pack builders 501 uploads
INDI Nightly Builds 222 uploads