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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
QTimeLapse Time-lapse software built with Qt and GPhoto2. 1 1
Backports of libgphoto2 Experimental backport of libgphoto2 from Precise to Oneiric 1 5
Gnumeric backported to Trusty Tahr This is a newer version of Gnumeric backported to Trusty Tahr.... 11 35
PPA for Des Nerger 15 100
PPA for Jonathan Beck Apple iPhone/iPod Touch related packages 11 141
PPA for Maciej Biłas 3 8
PPA for Martin Schwenke Test packages for packages where patches for bugs exist in Lau... 3 16
PPA for Micha Moskovic 4 14
PPA for Paolo Naldini Hattory testing repo 4 12
PPA for Peter Bui Random things that I find useful: - epiphany-browser: fix f... 3 8
PPA for Rawstudio 5 84
Testing Repository in fase di Testing non Stabili by LffL http://www.... 12 57
Thx8411 PPA for my projects, mainly related to astronomy. 1 5
adobeair adobe air easy install for Ubuntu LTS version precise, trusty ... 5 73
dofus package for games dofus created by ankama for easy install s... 6 34
dofus-full-trusty 4 11
gphoto2 more recent version of libgphoto2. I needed this in order to o... 1 10
libgphoto backport Backport of libgphoto2 for newer camera support, for example t... 1 5
libgphoto2-bleeding Stable builds for libgphoto2 from Github 1 30
natty-extra (non più mantenuto) Aggiornamenti vari e software aggiuntivo per ubuntu natty. 25 40
random bits and bytes Some modified Debian packages. 18 94
121 of 21 results