Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

114 of 14 results
PPA name Description Sources Binaries
PPA for Andrew Place for my custom Ubuntu packages sslmailnotification-insta... 1 1
nocnokneo Taylor's PPA. Obligatory disclaimer: Use at your own risk! 2 2
Martin's Personal PPA 2 3
PPA for John 20 155
transitions Used to work on archive transitions (currently evolution-data-... 28 186
PPA for Iade Gesso (Hardy Heron) In this PPA I want to put software updates for Hardy Heron 10 24
PPA for Jesper Larsen 4 25
PPA for Monty Taylor Packages pertaining mainly to non-official MySQL projects 13 62
bojo42's PPA This is my main PPA that provides backports & imports of softw... 15 25
PPA for jsteinhart 6 33
PPA for Cedric Schieli 9 146
PPA for Johannes Hessellund This will hold my test and production packages for desktop and... 22 64
Centrych OS Release This is the main PPA for packages in the current Centrych OS r... 260 2138
GNOME3 Staging This PPA will be used to test uploads before they are uploaded... 221 2655
114 of 14 results